6 of the Most Incredible and Instagramable Cafes in Cairo

By: Malak Atwa

If you’re a kalboob(a) like myself – even though I hate to admit it – or just a human being in 2019 – with an instagram account, than you’re probably obsessed with making your instagram feed aesthetically pleasing – whether its for validation for yourself, or from others, or just wanting to have a cute instagram feed or whatever the reason may be. We all know that there is nothing better – and more trendy – than great food and coffee! So I have compiled – yet another – list of the best cafés right here in Cairo that not only have some of the best food and beverages, but are also incredibly instagramable and will make for a great feed.

#1 Antique Khana

Antique khana has a cosy and casual yet somehow classy atmosphere with kinda cool decorations. It’s very nostalgic and peaceful with great background music. It has brilliantly delicious food and coffee, it’s absolutely perfect if you’re in the mood for some artsy quite time with yourself.

#2 Eish & Malh

Heaven on earth if you ask me honestly. The place is absolutely perfect. The food is beyond perfect, some of the best pasta I’ve ever tried – there are various different foods on the menu if you aren’t into pasta. The location is very lively and vibrant. And the walls are covered in art. Not to mention of course the live music and that the place has vegan options. If you’ve never been there, then you should probably add this place as a must-go on your bucket list.

#3 Seasalt Bakery and Cafe

All options on the menu in Sea Salt bakery and cafe are 100& gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free, not only that but there’s also many vegetarian options too. Even though the service could be a bit better, it’s a very beautiful place. Its somewhat luxurious but in a casual and down to earth kind of way, with a nice and calm atmosphere. Not only is the food healthy and actually good for you, but it’s also genuinely delicious as well.

#4 Holm Cafe

I literally have no words for Holm cafe. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I mean how could it not be when it’s in Zamalek? THERE IS LITERALLY A BED. A CAFE WITH A FREAKING BED. how cool is that, like seriously? What else could you possibly want in a cafe? It’s a great place for relaxing or even studying. Best time to go there is in the morning or early afternoon. The outdoor seating is absolutely beautiful too. The coffee there is terrifc and the food is delicious.

#5 Cafe Corniche

A much simpler cafe for the old souls. It has a very eastern vibe. It’s simple, but still very classy, with a great view of the nile. What’s better than having great food and coffee while watching the sunset on the nile river? Nothing. And yes, the prices are affordable for being a nile river cafe.

#6 Cake Cafe

Cake Cafe – Villa Baboushka branch

Last, but definitely not least. Some of the best, most mouth watering cakes I have ever tasted – but please don’t tell my mom though. They serve some of the best cakes ever. There’s a very wide variety to choose from on the menu, however, sadly there are no vegan options, but there are some gluten free options. The smoothies there are absolutely bomb too, Cake Cafe also has a very warm and friendly environment and atmosphere. This place is truly a gem.

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