5 (Thankfully) Delicious and Healthy Green Smoothies You Really Need to Try

By: Amina Elfarouk

Have you ever heard someone mention a green smoothie and wanted to gag? I did. A while ago a friend of mine suggested we try green smoothies and I wanted to scream profanities at her after I tried my first one. She didn’t warn me that green smoothies are something you have to ease into (for most people, anyway). To be honest, not only was the smoothie absolutely disgusting, but I was mad that I’d spent so much money on something I didn’t even like. It was a total waste! 

If you’re new to green smoothies, or are trying to introduce the concept of green smoothies to someone, let me save you from similar disasters. These five recipes are gonna save you for the first few weeks, if you decide to give green smoothies a chance again; you’ll  be hooked. 

Note: Try to use organic produce and ingredients when possible. If not possible, clean produce well, and peel where noted

1.Fruit Blast

We’ll  just proceed using this name for the first smoothie. So, for this smoothie you’ll need to peel a medium and ripe banana, add 1 rib of celery,  and about half a cucumber (peel it if it’s not organic), 1 cup of fresh and frozen pineapple, 1 handful of parsley and finally a cube of ginger and feel free to add more ginger if you’re a fan of the spice.  

2. Green Cleanse

So, this is the good stuff you know; for this one you’ll need 1 cup of  frozen and preferably fresh pineapple, a medium ripe banana, 1 cube of freshly peeled ginger, 2 handfuls of spinach and finally 1 cup of coconut water. If you’re  looking for a cleanse this one is the smoothie for you. 

3. Banana Berry Smoothie 

Packed with all the nutrients you need,  this smoothie can be great for breakfast as it’ll  provide you with a heap of energy to start your day. You’ll need two cups of spinach (preferably fresh), 1 banana ripe and peeled,  half a cup of frozen berries (feel free to use all kinds of berries possible), ¼ cup of seeds,  personally i recommend flax seeds and 2 cups of coconut water. 

4. Strawberry and Kiwi Lemonade

“We’re  calling it lemonade for now because  there’s no other name for it :)” anyways for this smoothie you’ll  need :1 peeled kiwi , ½ a cup of fresh strawberries , ½ a cup of frozen pineapple (preferably fresh) , ½  a peeled lemon with the seeds removed , 2 cups of spinach and yet again 1-2 cups of coconut water. 

5. Kale and Mango Cocktail

This is pretty simple,  for this one you’ll only need about 3 ingredients;  around 1 cup of kale (preferably fresh), 1-2 cups of coconut, and 1 or 2 ( depending on how you want your smoothie) mangoes; fresh and cut into cubes and finally add 1 cup of coconut water (optional).

Even if you aren’t ready to use leafy greens, you can make any fruit smoothie a green smoothie. Simply add cucumber, celery ribs, parsley, cilantro, basil, mint leaves, sweet pea, or broccoli sprouts.

 As you get comfortable with green smoothies, I suggest working your way up to 2 cups of leafy greens such as spinach (best for a beginner), kale, spring greens, swiss chard or romaine lettuce. 

Then add 1-2 servings of fruit (I always use at least 2 different fruits) and for a supercharged smoothie add up to ¼ cup of raw nuts or seeds, use coconut water or nut milk for the liquid and add super foods such as goji berries, chia seeds, acai, maca, or raw cacao. Use a high power blender for a creamy like texture for the smoothie.

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