10 Swoon-Worthy Romance Novels to Curl Up in Bed With

By: Amina Elfarouk

As far as I’m concerned, romance novels are fun to read during any season, but there’s something about summer that makes them even more appealing. Nothing feels as good as spending a few hours curled up with a book you just can’t put down. That goes double—no, make that triple—for romance novels. You become immersed in a world where anything can happen and, better yet, usually does. Before you know it, you’re devouring page after page, hungry for the next stolen glance, witty banter, and steamy caress.

If you’ve been a fan of romance novels since you read Pride and Prejudice (and, of course, dreamt about your own Mr. Darcy), then you know how hard they are to put down. Here’s a bunch of books that I guarantee you’ll  enjoy!! 

1.The Wedding Date

The girl meets the boy in an elevator during a power outage. Boy is genuinely desperate for a date to his ex’s wedding. So she agrees to go and they have an amazing time, only to return to their busy lives with lingering thoughts of what could be. If author Jasmine Guillory’s premise isn’t a perfect rom-com setup, we’re not sure what is.

2. Eleanor & Park

You don’t need to currently be a teenager to relate to those magical feelings of first love. Rainbow Rowell’s ’80s teens bond over comic books and mixtapes, and you’ll fall in love with them as they do with each other.Set over the course of one school year in 1986, this is the story of two star-crossed misfits-smart enough to know that first love almost never lasts, but brave and desperate enough to try. When Eleanor meets Park, you’ll remember your own first love-and just how hard it pulled you under.

3. The Notebook 

Yes, cliche; we knowwww, but Listen, this is a very obvious choice, but it doesn’t make the novel any less romantic. Noah and Allie have now been immortalized on film by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, but it all started with this Nicholas Sparks classic.The Notebook is a poignant story of true and unending love in its purest form, and the power and magic of love to defy all odds.

4. The Perfect Find

A 40-year-old former fashion editor and “It” girl is trying to professionally reinvent herself in the digital world while also trying to fight her growing feelings for a much younger man. Tia Williams’ story is both highly relatable and the perfect amount of sexy and romantic. Who could ask for a better combo?

5. November 9

This has to be one of my favourite books so far.  Honestly , any Colleen hoover book is a masterpiece but November 9 has to be on top of my list. Fallon meets Ben, an aspiring novelist, the day before her scheduled cross-country move. Their untimely attraction leads them to spend Fallon’s last day in L.A. together, and her eventful life becomes the creative inspiration Ben has always sought for his novel. Believe me , you wont be able to put this book down till it’s done..

6. Walking Disaster 

In love with the bad boy stereotype? well this one’s  for you. Walking disaster is such a beautifully written book that not only makes you fall in love with the characters it makes you fall with the words and the dialogues, we hear the story from Travis’ point of view. 

Travis lost his mother at a very young age, but before she died she taught him two important rules… Love hard. Fight harder. 

Growing up in a family of men who like to gamble and fight, Travis Maddox is a tough guy. Known for his bad reputation with women, and feared for his incredible fighting skills, all the boys want to be him, and the girls simply want him… 

Abby Abernathy is the first girl to treat him the way he feels he should be treated, with dislike and disinterest. It is her lack of interest that sparks his determination to win her round. Will the invincible Travis ‘Mad Dog’ Maddox be defeated by a girl?

7. After 

I mean honestly guys this series had to make the list, so to the haters of this series you might wanna skip this section of fangirli-ing and head to the rest of the list.

Tessa Young is a dedicated student, dutiful daughter and loyal girlfriend to her high school sweetheart. Entering her first semester of college, Tessa’s guarded world opens up when she meets Hardin Scott, a mysterious and brooding rebel who makes her question everything she thought she knew about herself — and what she wants out of life.We have an article which talks a lot about after so you might wanna check it out if you’re interested.

8. Message in a Bottle

Nicholas Sparks makes the list once again. The man has us immersed  and deeply in love with his romance novels, it’s kinda hard to resist. During her morning jog on the beach, journalist Theresa Osborne discovers a bottle protruding from the sand. Inside it, she finds a heartbreaking, anonymous love letter. After her paper publishes the letter, Osborne tracks down the letter’s reclusive author, world-weary widower Garret Blake , in the Carolinas. But, as Osborne finds herself falling hopelessly in love with Blake, she becomes wracked with guilt over the real impetus for her visit. (Psstttt, the book is better than the movie) 

9. Something Borrowed 

While we wouldn’t recommend confessing your feelings of true love to your best friend’s fiancé, as Rachel does in Emily Giffin’s bestseller, we highly suggest reading about what happens in this very compelling fictional love triangle. When Rachel and Darcy’s lifelong friendship collides with true love, it leads to unexpected complications and potentially explosive romantic revelations.

Meanwhile, Ethan, who has been Rachel’s constant confidante and sometimes conscience, has been harboring a secret of his own, and Marcus , an irrepressible womanizer, can’t keep his mind out of the gutter or his hands off any girl within reach.

10. Me Before You

Y’all  knew this book had to make an entrance, how could it not?  While Jojo Moyes story might break your heart a little bit—but it’ll be worth it. After she’s hired as his caretaker following a motorcycle accident, Lou becomes Will’s caretaker, and he’s a bit lost about what to make of his new life.

The heart-rending tale of louisa ; who finds herself in a predicament: how to convince will , a young paralyzed man in her care , that he too has something to live for. 

So grab some snacks and open the Ac ( if you’re  somewhere cooler than Egypt then ughhh you’re lucky but if you’re not just open the Ac)  dive into your bed and grab one of these good reads, we promise you , you won’t regret it.

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