Sahel’s Biggest Beach Clean Up is Tomorrow – Get Ready!

By: Hanya and Jana

“eh el tafaha dy”

Yeah, I’ve heard this phrase from basically everyone when plastic pollution is brought up. 

Wake up! 18 billion pounds of plastic waste enter our ocean, and most of them? They come from Asia and Africa. So yeah, this topic has been slept on for a while. Don’t you think it’s great how everyone doesn’t seem to comprehend how this affects us and our beautiful marine life in so many ways starting with the death and endangerment of such beautiful sea creatures to humans digesting poisoned water because of all the plastic waste?! I mean, people, where the hell is our humanity?

News Flash: the ocean provides 70% of the air we breathe so if the ocean goes, we go. 

I know a lot of you may think that doing one thing, such as not using plastic straws anymore won’t matter but it does. You’ve always got to start the change you want with yourself. So yeah maybe you should consider more eco friendly things and consider cleaning g up after you at the beach. because every action has an equal reaction.

Moving on..

I like to think that now no one is sleeping on this issue anymore, our ocean has become more plastic than marine, and talk is shit if you can’t back it up and that’s why “Orcas” and “Go Clean” have partnered up to bring us the biggest beach clean up in Sahel!!

Go Clean is working on the actual cleaning of the beach and taking the plastic and producing biodegradable materials with it. They are the first Recycling Centre you can find at your doorstep. So feel free to contact them and they will accept your trash, and even give you money for it!

Orcas is gathering up everyone to pitch in and clean the beach. Orcas is actually a mobile application connecting parents with trusted tutors and babysitters near them, I think its great that they’re not an environmental organization and yet they are helping the environment greatly, showcasing that anyone can make a change if they want to.

The clean up spreads through Telal, Hacienda, Ghazala Bay, Stella, and Diplo 3 on Friday the 26th of July for four hours; from 12 pm to 4 pm. All you need to do is download their app: Ocras and register by pressing “Select Discoveries” > “Sahel” > ”Beach Clean Up”

And do not forget to use their hashtag #orcassavethebeach all over your social media

Now if you’re 5 or older this should be a piece of cake

Just assemble a backpack with the essentials, because of course I can’t leave you without skin-care! I suggest you pack sunblock (with SPF no lower than 30) because trust me you’ll need to reapply every hour. And don’t forget your reusable water bottle because its kinda stupid to  get three plastic bottles to a clean up.

And remember don’t bring any valuables or any kind of jewelry with you.

Tell all your friends and register for the biggest beach clean up Sahel will see!!

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