Amira Rizk, The 15 Year Old Girl Being Detained for Killing Her Rapist

By: Rawan Khalil

image via: Middle East Moniter

Last week, Amira Ahmed Rizk, a 15-year-old school student, was confined for 15 days in a juvenile detention centre after charging her with the accusation of premeditated murder for stabbing her rapist 14 times and subsequently killing him. 

Wait, actually let me take a step back to tell you the entire story.

So, Amira Rizk was out with her boyfriend, Ibrahim, who takes her phone that does not contain a SIM card. She takes the entire incident as a joke and then calls him later intending to ask for her phone. She is then surprised that an entirely different person answers his phone and asks her to meet him at a specific place. On her way to that place she spots this microbus with 2 boys who she goes to that place, who then take off and the driver of the microbus insists on taking her home. However, he drives her to a deserted mountain where he proceeds to rape her.

She pushes him, rejecting him and voicing non-consent but he then proceeds to menace her with a knife. Amira then fakes consent, making the driver excited so he takes off his shirt and she rushes to grasp the knife and stabs him with it as an act of self-defence. She then runs to the police and tells them the entire story; confiding in them and hoping that they would protect her and give her, and implement justice by punishing the group of guys who took part in that crime, and lured her to the deserted setting.

However, God bless our police force. The Egyptian Public Prosecution arrested the girl from and sentenced her to imprisonment for murdering a person who tried to rape her. Even though, all the medical and forensic examinations match her story and prove that all of this was an act of self-defence as she protected her honour. I mean if anything the fact that she stabbed the man 14 times shows how in denial she was, and also how insistent the microbus driver was on hurting her. 

So, this girl was kidnapped and raped. But, self-defence is a no-no and she gets jailed. Disregarding the fact that the two boys have confessed to their part of the plan, and the medical and forensic examinations match her story. Please try to convince that our judicial system is not biased in favour of men, completely based on patriarchy and just has a facade which pretends that it’s based on religion and sharia law, but happens to-so-quickly disregard that when a young girl, a minor is the one under attack, 

A researcher in gender crimes, Janet Abdel-Alim told BBC that this case should be filed as “self-defence rather than murder”, meanwhile prioritising Amira’s psychological support, instead of confinement which makes absolute f*cking sense. But as a society, we do not give a f*ck about women’s well-being. When we scream at the top of our lungs against patriarchy and beg for women’s rights and a better judicial system- fair one, we are labelled as angry feminists. We are labelled as crazy women who do not know what we are talking about, and are just trying to copy western ideas pointing out myths and things which do not happen in our communities, and so our claims are more often than not ignored and labelled as insignificant.

Well, excuse me because I beg to differ. It has been more than a week with minimum media coverage which points out that unfairness and highlights the injustice. Our society tends to try to change the narrative when women are the victims trying to accuse them and point fingers of blame at them, meanwhile when a man is the one to blame we tend to sympathise with him and do our best to justify their stances.

Still not convinced, let’s think back a few weeks Amr Warda a man who harassed multiple women on several occasions in a range of many years. And, instead of him facing any repercussions for his actions, the people sympathize with him refusing to believe the girls who spoke up and insulted them instead justifying the football player’s disgusting actions.

Still not convinced, earlier last year Rania Youssef wore a somewhat-revealing dress to an event only to be attacked after the event by the people with lawyers fighting over her case trying to get her to be punished by the law for practising her right to pick her clothes- as if it’s not her body. 

I told my grandma Amira’s story and her response that’s why I worry about you, and that’s why you should not wear revealing clothes. So, now my role as a girl should be to cater to the sick minds of men who intend to harm women instead, instead of the community trying to change to make sure that it’s fair and that those who do harm others are punished accordingly.  

As a woman, I feel threatened. I do not feel safe. I feel as if my rights are jeopardized.

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