Planning the Perfect Movie Night Before Summer Comes to a Close

By: Mariam Abdelrazek

Summer is coming to a close end and we are all literally on the verge of tears. Specially when everyone seems to be living the time of their lives travelling with friends, going to parties and doing everything that could possibly be done in the short two months of vacation while you’re spending every last minute of precious vacation time sitting on the couch watching Netflix. Alone. I can’t say I have a solution for the not travelling part but, when it comes to Netflix and watching movies, you have come to the right place. Below is the best guide there is for the perfect movies night we’re all yearning for. Chilling guaranteed. Food included. Couch/bed never leaving your side. 

Food first!

Food is the most vital element when planning a movie night. It’s like fruit in a salad bowl. Indispensable. It also needs to be ready before starting the actual night because, if it isn’t you’re going to end up spending the night in the kitchen preparing food you won’t have time to eat, you’ll munch on your fingernails out of boredom (and hunger) or you’ll end up starving the entire night. Therefore, food is a must. Popcorn is a major go-to and if you’re feeling creative you can definitely add some caramel. After the popcorn comes pizza/burger. Make sure you order/bake it before you start your night with about half an hour so that it arrives hot and fresh out of the oven. God, I’m starving myself. Last comes ice cream *insert heart-eyed emoji*.  I don’t have anything to say but make sure you have loads of it because we all know how fast we devour ice cream.

Movie list

This is basically the hardest point when it comes to movie nights mainly because just like everything else, when we’re in the mood to watch movies…all the good movies seem to disappear and we end up watching lame ones. So, you need to prepare a list of movies beforehand to prevent this from happening. Just before doing that, check what mood you’re in (the mood to watch romantic movies, action, horror…etcetera) and make a list of these movies. Oh, and I almost forgot. Make sure to have a strong wi-fi connection because no one wants to spend their night staring at that (annoying) loading sign. Or you could simply download whatever you’re going to watch to make things easier. 

Friends? Check.

What is a movie night without some friends, right? Seriously, having lonely movie nights should be illegal. Like, the type of illegal that will make you end up like Anne Boleyn – head detached from body. Before even thinking about having a movie night, grab your phone and text those friends of yours ASAP. On second thought, text your friends RIGHT NOW because no matter how boring the movies could be, how rotten the food is, friends always make up for it. A laughing fit or a pillow fight could be the highlight of your night. So go on, pick up that phone and call your friends now because otherwise, you’ll be missing what could be the best night of this summer.


 Much like with food, make sure to have a supply of drinks because who can survive around four hours of eating without having something to drink. Also, hydration people! 

I don’t think there’s anything else to say when it comes to movie nights so, yeah, that’s my cue to put an end to this article. Just remember to have fun.

Mariam xx

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