5 Local Instagram Accounts to Help You Live A More Environmentally-Conscious Life

By: Hanna Kotb

Everyone is talking about the man made climate crisis – just as everyone should – and we’re trying to raise our words so they can reach politicians and world leaders. Things could easily get a bit better because it is unfortunately in their hands. However, there are steps we could take to becoming better humans and save our dying Mother Earth. So I’ve compiled a list of local blogs to ease, help, and inspire you to be more environmentally friendly!

Amira Ayman & Urban Earthlings

If you still haven’t heard of Urban Earthlings then you’re truly living under a rock because they’re ground breaking! Amira Ayman is the environmentalist and Yogi behind the brand and she is genuinely revolutionary. She offers a wide range of plastic dupes; from straws to toothbrushes and all the way to your everyday supermarket-bags. Follow her for a push to veganism and to become a fellow Earthling!

Conscious Cairene & Glow

Self-proclaimed environmentalist mermaid, Zeinab El Shafei is also one iconic Egyptian vegan and I’ve worked on an article with her earlier this year. Besides her witty perona and heart of gold, she offers you 99 ways to avoid single use plastic and other materials that do you more harm than good on the long run. With many many healthier and ethical alternatives. Not to mention that she is -kind of the face of- Glow, a vegan nutritious brand that offers summer juices, smoothies, salads, and soups. They’re also empowering other brands to skip the plastic when they were the first to opt for paper straws!

Living Green with Yasmine

Believe it or not, what you eat plays a huge role on the environment. Follow Yasmine to plan your ultimate ethical meals and to inspire you to do better everyday. With her its either green or nothing- even when it comes to her sweet tooth 😉 

Go Clean Egypt

Want to easily increase your income while you’re still flipping through the TV channels? Go Clean Egypt saves the environment and does just that. You consume plastic, paper, or metal, give them a call and they’ll be at your doorstep in no time. I guess it is true that one man’s trash; another man’s treasure. What are you waiting for? HIT THEM UP!

Greenish Egypt

Basically your easiest way to understand more about the environment, how you can help it, and raise more awareness on it. They also educate you so much on what is happening and they constantly keep you updated, and on understanding what “zero waste” essentially is.

These are only some of many more, and the cool thing about Instagram is that it helps you discover a lot of other accounts once you start following some. So I hope this is your gateway to living a more mermaid life aka environmentally friendly because once you do you’ll feel so much better as a person and your spirit will feel light and carefree. It’s truly beautiful and you can never go back from living a minimalistic and conscious life!

Love and healing to all,

Hanya xx

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