We Ask 3 Local & Insanely Talented Teen Stylists for Summer Fashion Tips

By: Mariam Abdelrazek

As teenagers, fashion and style are a huge part of our lives. Over the past couple of years there have been countless fashion bloggers and stylists all over the internet but few of them successfully managed to grasp our attention. However, we’ve got our own local kickass teen stylists that are somehow on the rise and taking over the scene, we don’t really know if it’s their bubbly personalities or their amazing talent, but they intrigue us like no others and we’re proud of them. Okay, okay, I’ll stop with the cheesiness. Without further ado, I’d like to leave you with some of the best summer clothing hacks you’ll ever come across – Lord knows how much we all need this.

Taya Bakhoum – @dressedbytaya

Taya Bakhoum is a legend. The eighteen-year-old worked with countless brands like Jude Benhalim, Kojak Studio, and Okhtein. She assisted on a Vogue Arabia video shoot. Freaking Vogue Arabia! She worked with many celebrities like Salma Abu Deif, Sarah el Shamy, Heidy Karam and Asmaa Galal. Honestly, when I first opened her Instagram page, I was mind-blown. 

She’s one of the most genuine and kind people I have ever talked to. If there’s anyone that can help us get safely through this summer, it’s her. So, it’s safe to say that her advice is much needed and appreciated. Here are her amazing tips (as she said and I quote):

“I’d definitely say that accessories are a must for me in the summer! Day and night. Whether a pair of bold earrings or some layered gold necklaces (super in)”

“I personally get tanned really quickly in the summer so my go-to color all summer long would be yellow!! It goes so well with any tanned girl.”

“Also, for the beach, I always try to aim for a very chilled but cute look by wearing lots of maxi dresses that give off a bohemian vibe. Even though I’m the opposite of that in my Cairo wardrobe haha.”

“And a tip for the beach is to be barefaced in order to prevent any harm from happening to your skin from makeup. I’d usually go to the beach with no makeup and some sunscreen if I know that I’m staying in the sun for a while.”

“I always have a lip-scrub on that leaves a pinkish tint to my lips and it’s all natural components so no harm when I’m out in the sun”

Malak Heidar – @malakswardrobe

Not so local but I couldn’t bear not mentioning her – plus, she’s in Cairo nowadays so I guess that makes her local for now. Malak Heider is the definition of style…from her Versace scarves to her cute skirts and sundresses; everything about her screams elegance. She’s pretty. She’s genuine. She’s creative. She’s literally the sweetest human on earth. She can wear the same shirt a hundred times but still manages to make it look different. Every. Single. Time. If that isn’t impressive, I don’t know what is. Not only that, she also does hair tutorials and y’all, she gives relationship advice! Honestly? I think we could all use some advice from the queen of mixing and matching herself. Here’s what she said when we asked her for some of her own summer clothing hacks; 

“There’s no such thing as wearing one item in one way: 

  • A crop top can be worn as a crop top, under a slip top to give it a 90’s look, over a dress to make it look like a skirt.
  • A dress (specifically knee-length ones made from lightweight fabrics) can be worn as a dress, a top if tucked in properly or as a scarf.
  • Bandanas, neck scarves and patterned scarves in general can be worn as hair accessories, as belts, they can be tied around your neck and they can always be tied around your handbag if you’re wearing a simple or basic outfit to make it pop and stand out.”

“ Hairstyles and hair accessories are also one of the most underrated ways to style an outfit. They have the ability to make statements as loud as any other piece in your outfit. This includes braids, hair pins, those 90’s thick hair elastics, bandanas and pearly bobby pins and hair clips (they’ve been really “in” nowadays)”

“Playing around with proportions. Asymmetric pieces are very fun during the summer, especially when you can’t pinpoint where the movement starts and ends.” 

“No matter how complex, beautiful or awesome your outfit may be, the key to making it pop is your attitude. Basically, wear the outfit and don’t let the outfit wear you. Confidence is everything.”

Jessica Toutounji – @dressupwithjay

Jessica Toutounji. If you don’t know who she is…boy, you’ve been living under a rock. Jessica is basically the cutest fashion blogger/stylist ever. Her style is literally out of this world. I bet my non-existent black Mercedes she can turn my grandma’s closet into something Gigi Hadid worthy. I’m not even exaggerating. Her style is unique, beautiful and most of all, amazing for the summer! And all seasons really. This girl can only be described in one word…perfection. And here’s what she said when we asked her for her hacks which we’re in dire need of:

“Accessorize a lot with layered necklaces, earrings and rings. I always wear a ton of gold chains around my neck because it adds a little pop to every outfit I wear, no matter how basic it is”

“Cropping jackets and t-shirts come in handy as well. I’ve cropped a denim jacket and it looks really good with a pair of jeans and a top under. I did the same with some basic t-shirts because I feel like they would look better cropped and it’s a lot breezier, especially in this heat. If you don’t want to cut your t-shirt, I usually just tuck it under a bralette or tuck it in my pants with a belt.”

“I always add belts to EVERYTHING I wear and it makes a huge difference with my outfit. If you have a loose pair of pants or skirt, add a belt and it will automatically look like you put an effort with picking your outfit.”

“Hair accessories/hats also help a lot at times and make your outfit pop no matter how simple it is. I braid my hair in the front then add hair rings to it so it looks kind of bohemian and like I put effort with my look. Bucket hats, caps and fedoras also add a lot to the look.”

“With shirts, I wrap the front part and lower the shoulders a bit so that it looks summery. I usually do this over my swimsuit on a pair of shorts (you can also wear the shirt alone with its buttons open like a dress if it works”

That’s about it when it comes to styling your summer clothes. Frankly, I think these tips will last me a lifetime.

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