Have You Ever Thought About What YOU Want for Your Future?

By: Rawan Khalil

Did you ever think about what will you do with your future? and I mean legitimately thought about it not: “I will aim to become a doctor and if I slip and don’t get that 99.9% I will figure something different out then.” I know to ask you to think it’s like demanding the impossible here, but hear me out please and before you do that please do take that moment to think. You thought you will run away from that- I bet you’re thinking why does this lady suddenly think she’s my maths teacher and has the fucking right to get me to think, and well for that I surely apologize I wouldn’t like anyone to ask me to do that over summer, but well at least it’s not some integration question. We both wouldn’t like that. 

Moving on, I surely hope you did follow my instruction (especially because I repeated the word “think” a lot and that much repetition in writing is ugly, but now that I have pointed it out I hope you find it funny- it is not a lack of vocabulary and I also hope you got the point and actually utilized your brain for a couple of minutes).

Let me try again. Moving on, so whenever I try to picture my future I think basic. I hope to end up at a good university in America or Canada studying something that I enjoy which for some reason I hope is not medicine. I am sorry but are you not sick of the anticipation from everyone around you to become either a doctor or an engineer just because you’re Arab or more specifically an Egyptian, and for some pretext, anything but those two options is a fucking disappointment to the entire community. Like I do not get it are we aspiring to live in a community were engineers get indisposed then the doctors treat them, and then the doctor will go to that same engineer to build them a new hospital. 

Aside from the fact that there are so many holes in that world and it is practically dysfunctional, it is a literal disintegrating community that you will not want to live in, which kind of explains why the system allows only the creme-de-la-creme to become doctors or engineers, but the astonishing part of the system is how we as people cater to it. Everyone wants to become a doctor or an engineer, or more like everyone is told to want to be a doctor or an engineer.

So, my real question here is not asking you to think about your future. I want to ask you if you know what you want? 

Not, what you’re spoonfed to want.

Not, what you are expected to want.

What do you want?

Do not go on a tangent, and do not misinterpret my question.

Not, your parents.

Not your entire family.


Only you.

Crazy, demand right? Do you feel like I put you on the spot like I slapped you and asked you to come up with the impossible? Don’t worry. I am not expecting an answer because if I am being frank what you want to do with your life won’t change mine, but knowing what you want will definitely steer yours in some direction. 

Picturing the future- funny because we all do that, but what I realized is that we picture the good bits. We tend to oversee the fact that there is hardship and struggle to reach these marvelous segments of our lives. It’s not that we are completely obnoxious to them eventually creeping out from their hideaway we just find it easier to skip past them, look away and focus on the shiny pieces; the shimmer and glimmer. We think in such a shallow way.

So, still you must be thinking what’s your point? What are you trying to get across?

And, well I will not keep you waiting any longer.

My point is: take a few hours, a day or possibly more researching what you want to do with your life. Think beyond, just what you want to study and were. Think about the community you want to live in and not just the university you will go to, but how is life in that place like. What you want to go to a place like Boston which is a bit like a bubble, or somewhere like New York or Dubai which is a lot more open. 

Take a moment to explore options beyond medicine, engineering and law if you think they’re not for you, because you will never shine and truly enjoy your life 40, 50 or 60 years to come if you are doing something you don’t love. 

Put yourself first when it comes to your future because you will only have yourself then.

Till a better future,

Rawan x

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