Drunk on My Drained Heart

By: Hanna Haitham

drink drink
shatter break
“i’m sorry baby it’s a mistake”

your whiskey breaths
and body shakes
is this what it’s like when your heart breaks?

sleepless nights
and dreams of gold
looking for the light you stole

watching over
waiting on a sign
should i seek your love or seek mine?

because every sip drains me
every bottle breaks me
and every time i close my eyes
i feel the life escape me
every hope leaves me
and every darkness seeks me

i look for a time
where i can open my eyes
and not feel like i am
dead inside

empty empty
take take
don’t care about my heartache

trick, deceive
accept, believe
and then you somehow always leave

because there is the bottle
it runs in your veins
you’re tied to that feeling
while i’m held in your chains
and i wonder will i ever feel the same
is there a reverse
for all the life you’ve drained

since every-time
i close my eyes
i feel a rush settle through me
you’ve made it one more night

and i still try
to hope for a time
where i can awaken
and feel alive

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