The Essentials for Dealing With Your Skin in This Heat

By: Salma Mourad

Personally, I have incredibly sensitive skin, and not like any normal person, sitting in the sun doesn’t tan me, it makes me red. After that, my skin starts peeling, and I suddenly get a million freckles. Protecting my skin in the heat has become essential. We’ve noticed how hot it’s becoming these days. It has literally become unbearable, it’s not only making us sweat or lighten our hair color, it’s also completely wrecking our skin.

First of all, I know how much you guys want that bronze look, but to get it you put your skin in danger. Yes, it’s okay to sit in the sun, but always make sure to protect it somehow. Here’s a list to help you do that.

1) Sunscreen!
“Sunblock eh bass ya mami? Enty fakrani 3ayela wala eh?” 3ayela or adult, applying sunscreen is always necessary. It’s by far the best way to protect your whole body from the sun’s dangerous temperatures. You shouldn’t only put sunscreen when you’re at the beach or at the pool though, I’ve been told sunscreen is always necessary, even in cairo. Let’s not burn our skin anywhere. Great idea, right?

2) Always drink water 
Keeping yourself hydrated is the first step to securing your skin from dryness. Not drinking water does not only make your skin dry, it also greatly harms your internal organs. Keep a water bottle with you at all times. Water really is the key of life, huh?

3) Wash your face
Sahel means Sun. Sun means high temperatures. High temperatures mean sweat. Sweat means bacteria, leading to acne if not taken care of. Washing your face helps you get rid of all of that. Yes, it does help, but washing it more than twice a day is as dangerous as not washing it at all. Constantly washing your face rids it of all the oils, including the ones that defend you from the bacteria. Wash your face, but not too much.

4) Exfoliate and moisturize
To keep your skin soft, smooth and not dry, make it a routine to moisturize your body everyday. From hands and arms, to knees, legs and feet. Reptile dry skin isn’t really what we all aspire to have, is it?

5) Cold/ warm showers
It really only seems sane to shower with hot water, right? Who even takes cold showers, am I right? Yeah well, hot showers make your skin and your hair dry. They basically strip off all the natural oils. So, if you’re not a fan of cold showers, at least make it a tradition to shower in warm water (room temperature).

6) Lip care
And last but not least, your lips. You’ve moisturized your body, washed your face and hydrated all your insides. Time to take care of you chapped lips. Never leave your house without chapstick. Having healthy lips is always important.
Take care of yourselves
-Salma Mourad

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