6 of This Summer’s Trendiest Hairstyles to Give You a “Makeover”

By: Jana Shorbagy

Ahh, summer, the season of experimenting and changing that look of yours. The key? Your hair. You hair is a defining aspect of your look so change that up and you’re considered a new person. I know it must be hard keeping track of all the hair trends that come and go but sis, I’ve got you covered. Here are the 6 of the trendiest hairstyles to try out this summer. All we got is time anyway, might as well have fun and look good, right?

#1 Hairclips and Barettes

Try this and you won’t regret it. This look can do it all and is most definitely a change from your normal bobby pins. It’s a blast from the past and is one of the season’s biggest trends. It can be styled in many ways, you can clip one side of your hair back or you can clip all you hair to the back or you can even line up two pins on each side of your face. The best part? It keeps your hair out of your face and it can be styled for many different occasions. The pearls and the stones make it especially fitting for events such as your friends wedding or even a beach party, dont believe me? Ask all the stars who have successfully pulled off this look.

#2 Statement Headbands

One of spring’s biggest trends is here to definitely stay. They are a bold look, as the name states they’re here to make a statement. Yes, some of them may be too big and loud or pain-inducing but it’s the preference and style you just may need. They also cover for the cracks between hair washes and make that blow dry last even longer. Some of the iconic figures that firstly inspired the look include the lovely Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Amy Winehouse, and Miuccia Prada.

#3 Pastel Hair

Since dying hair is the biggest change up to your look, don’t just go for plain blonde or brown, instead ask for pastel! Yes, I said pastel, all the pastel colors have been trendy as the “summer look”, you can choose colors varying from pinks to blues to orange to anything, the rainbow is all the possibilities. And the best part about this trend? Yes, it’s here to stay, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep it for long you can dye your hair for a week or two and then dye it back any other color you want. It’s summer time! Go crazy with experimenting, because if not now then when? If you’re in doubt, you’ve got all the Marc Jacobs runaway looks to admire.

#4 Rapunzel Braids

Also known as extra long braids. This has been a trend that’s been going on for a while now. It takes the classic braid or even French braids and gives it a twist. You can add in extensions if you have shorter hair or if you have the length it takes go for it. You can go for the simple three strand braid and make it look classier or you can go for the French?Deutsch braids and make them look like something more than just your go-to messy look. Definitely a must try for girls night out!

#5 Half Up Half Down

I cant guarantee that this will change up your look but it’s definitely a summer go to! Its easy and super functional and its the perfect hair do for you indecisive people out there. And it still manages to look super cute. If you want to style it up a bit you can add some hair pins and barrettes or you can add braids or even straighten before doing it. That’s the beauty of it theres so many different ways of doing it!

#6 Braided Bun

Although the high ponytail was THE trend for last season this seasons trend is the braided bun. This look takes you from a normal day at the office to date night to hanging out with the girls easily. The beauty of it is that it manages to look sophisticated and endures the day while also being awn easy hairdo. Trust me, just try.

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