3 Healthy Summer Smoothies You Need to Try

By: Mariam AbdelRazek

Smoothies. What’s not to love about them? If God sent us anything from heaven, it would be smoothies. They’re just so refreshing, hydrating and they taste sooo good. Honestly, I feel satisfied just picturing a smoothie in my head. Anyways, since it’s summer – smoothie season and all – a list of the best summer smoothies of all time is definitely one of the best ways to help us get over this scorching heat and treat ourselves while we’re at it. If you’re looking for healthy, delicious and easy-to-prepare drinks for this summer, you’re in the right place buddy because, this article got you covered.

1.Healthy blueberry breakfast smoothie 

What’s a smoothie list without a blueberry smoothie, right? This one’s pretty easy to prepare, though. You’ll only need to blend blueberries (obviously), yogurt, orange juice, a little bit of sugar, vanilla extract and cinnamon. Personally, I like to use frozen fruits because they make the smoothie thicker, give a fresher feeling and helps cool down really well. There’s also the typical blueberry smoothie that just consists blueberries, milk, yogurt, sugar and vanilla extract. This smoothie combination has countless benefits; for starters, it’s an antioxidant, helps protect against aging and cancer and protects cholesterol in your blood from getting damaged. 

Other things you can mix with blueberries:

  • Bananas and soy milk
  • Almond milk and almond butter (great for vegans)
  • Orange juice and pineapple juice 
  • Strawberries and basically any type of berries 
  • Strawberries and bananas 

You can mix and match the ingredients as you wish.

2. Peachy heaven 

Peaches are one of the planet’s juiciest fruits. What makes them great for smoothies is that they don’t have to be peeled. You just need to wash them, slice them, add the remaining ingredients and voila, your smoothie is ready to go. Peaches, coconut milk and yogurt will always be your go-to if you’re a peach lover. There are also many other things you can mix with peach like:

  • Bananas and orange juice
  • Vanilla ice cream and frozen strawberries 
  • This might seem a bit gross for some people but, frozen chocolate and yogurt with peaches are a great combination that will definitely make your smoothie thick.

3. Strawberry freshness!

To those who are allergic to strawberries, I’m so sorry but, you are missing out on ALOT of fun. Strawberries are the queens of freshness. Honestly, I personally cannot survive a day without having one of those amazing strawberry smoothies *sighs in delight*. A mix of frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, vanilla extract and honey is always a great way to start your day. Here are some of the things you can mix with strawberries to give you a heavenly outcome:

  • Watermelon!!
  • Skimmed milk and yogurt 
  • Soy milk, rolled oats, banana, vanilla extract and some sugar (for vegans)

I think this is the best it can get when it comes to smoothies. Of course, you don’t have to strictly abide by these ingredients, you can always add or remove anything, just mix and match whatever fruits give you the best taste. 

      Wishing you a fresh summer,


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