10 Types of People We All Know/Meet in the Summer

By: Salma Mourad

For most of us, summer is the best time of year. Would rather sweat than freeze, sit on the beach, tan and eat ice cream than drink hot chocolate and build snowmen. We either love or hate it, and we always approach this season in completely different ways. And that’s why during this hot yet relaxing time, there are many different types of people.

1. The Instagram model
Whenever this one’s around, they’ll force you to take pictures, boomerangs, videos, everything. You name it. You’ll take a shot of them, and all talk will be about whether it’s “worthy” of instagram or not. And of course, “Aizeen begad netsawwar fel golden hour!” Once they take a picture, they won’t stop editing and asking when the perfect time for its posting is.

2. The party animal
Party all night and all day. Summer is used as an excuse to have fun all the time. They’re not wrong, though, it’s a vacation after all. To have fun, see friends, swim and so on. But all this one does, is party, party, and only party. To some of them, this vacation is often used as an excuse to drink everday. Aken el morals wakhda agaza fel seif.

3. The Binge watcher
Luckily, this summer we’re flooded with plenty of new movies, shows and new seasons of our old favourite series. At home, on the beach or on the pool, this person always has a few episodes stacked in their netflix downloads, just in case they ever get bored. by the end of summer, they’ll have probably finished most tv shows on and off netflix.

4. “Summer body is everything” type
Having a summer body is their only goal. Going to the gym, running, being on a diet, and so on. They only care about how they’ll look wearing this and that, summer is all about staying in shape.

5. The fish
Ba7r, piscine, ter3a, doesn’t matter! This person here just loves to swim. After all, summer time is a hot time, and refreshment is greatly needed. They love to swim. Every single day. No sitting at home. Just swimming. If you’re swimming together, don’t expect them to go out until 1 hour passes by

6. Stays in Cairo the whole time

This poor thing here stays in cairo the whole vacation. They don’t like travelling or going to sahel, or they’re not able to, it doesn’t matter. They meet up with their fellow friends who are in cairo, and they always manage to somehow have fun without having to sit in on the beach and swim in salty water.

7. Doesn’t leave sahel
“Rai7a fein fel seif?”
-“El sahel”
“Rag3a emta?”
-“Abl el madrasa be youm. A3da el shahrien kollohom. Ehl gedid”
This person is the exact opposite of the one before. They don’t stay in cairo the whole summer, they just stay in sahel.

8. Travels everywhere
This one doesn’t stay in sahel nor in cairo, they aren’t even to be seen anywhere in egypt. They travel everywhere. Their passports are full every year. Rabena yezeed we yebarek

9. The video game addict
Even though it’s been out for a long time, fortnite is still an obsession for most teenagers. Not just that, but playing fifa is also slowly turning into an addiction. To these people, school’s out, so their playstation is allowed everyday. They play every single day, and are not stopping till school starts planting her loads on them again

10. “Da77a7” type
We rarely see these types of people, but they exist. Yes, they do. These people take summer as an opportunity to start prepping for the new school year. What else is there to do? Anything else is just a waste of time, really. Why swim when you can study? 

Every single one of these people are unique in their own way. Keep doing you!
Enjoy yourselves 🙂
Salma Mourad

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