Meet Fatima AbdelAzim, the Woman Behind Our Newest Hot-Spot “Joya’s Gelato”

By: Amina El Farouk

As a personal lover of gelato myself, I was roaming around areas to find the perfect gelato to completely satisfy my cravings, luckily for me, I came across Joya’s Gelato. The aura of this place itself is such a good vibe, and has really been spreading joy for many individuals. Joya’s Gelato offers such a wide range of flavors; each of them uniquely named to match their flavourful taste.  

So recently, I talked and interviewed the mastermind behind Joya Gelato: Fatima Abdelazim. I asked Fatima what inspired her to start a gelato shop from scratch and her response to that was a little story from her past.

Fatima worked in Dubai and a year ago the idea of starting her own shop had started crossing her mind constantly. She believes that if she has  been blessed to know her purpose early on then she should pursue it, and that’s exactly what she’s done.

The message behind Joya’s Gelato is that it isn’t about the gelato or the business or the money, Fatima wants to be able to encourage people to live a joyful life.

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A little perk she has done is that she keeps two glass jars on the counter, for every customer coming in, they write a positive note and place it in one jar and pick out a note which has already been written by another customer. This enables the spread of positivity and brings joy to the customers.

For Fatima it’s all about keeping people happy. She decorated her stand with stunning fairy lights and has successfully built a corner which in my opinion is very “instagram-able”, she simply made a unique place where anyone can meet up and enjoy their time while devouring some fantastic gelato.

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Opening up about the difference between happiness and joyfulness; Fatima says she doesn’t believe that she’s selling happiness because happiness is a state that one can only find within him/her-self. However, joy is those few moments in life where you can go like “oh I’m gonna blast my favourite song and sip on this cup of tea” and she wants to encourage that attitude into her customers’ life.

The first step Fatima took to be able to open her shop was to go to Italy and learn how to make the gelato herself, so quite literally, she packed her bags and headed to Italy .

Second step was to test her product, Fatima spent  her days making two new flavors daily and taking them along to work for her friends to taste and offer some valuable advice and feedback. Most of her gelato were actually ideas of the people around her, therefore ensuring that everyone was a part of this dream.

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The hardest struggle Fatima  faced was the third step to kick-starting her career – she had to make a major decision. The decision to leave her life behind and use all her life-savings to fund this single huge project. Her dreams were more important than her doubts though, so she left her whole life behind in order to make it all happen.

We asked Fatima what inspired the flavor names and she simply responded with “the people”. Each and every flavor at Joya’s Gelato has been specifically and uniquely named. She went around asking the people who loved certain flavours about what would they name it and that’s how she eventually got around to naming them all.

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Fatima tells us the story about one of her most unique names ; “make me happy”. One of her friends had insisted that she makes an avocado flavour, and once it was done her friend claimed that this specific flavour made her happy and that’s what inspired the name.

Joya’s Gelato is made from all natural ingredients,  with the flavors being made and created by Fatima at home which is an all around benefit. She also wanted to introduce new gelato flavors different from all the gelaterians around Egypt, and she has successfully done that.

Joya’s Gelato is on the rise and has proved itself worthy to its customers, it’s very affordable and located in Capital Business Park in 6th of October. Fatima plans to open other branches in the future and spread joy all around. We recommend Joya’s gelato as a perfect hang-out spot and a place where you can enjoy some fantastic gelato, you won’t be disappointed!!

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