19 Things You Need to Have in Your Backpack/Carryon When Traveling

By: Rawan Khalil

When packing our backpacks we never really know what to pack, in fact, I am beginning to think that packing carry-ons and backpacks is a skill that one has to master. But, well, we are a bit short on time with flights already booked in less than a month. And, most of these are also a good idea if you’re going to Sahel, or on a road trip. Don’t worry, I got you. These are some things I think are helpful to have in your backpack and some of them in your carryon. 


I cannot reiterate this enough. The number one most important thing when travelling is to stay hydrated. Otherwise, after your flight, you will be exhausted, nauseous and incredibly dehydrated throughout and after your flight. My best advice is to drink enough water before leaving your house and take a refillable water bottle to the airport which you can refill with cold water from the duty-free. Keep the bottle in your carry-on as you are going through x-ray check-ups because in many airports they do not allow liquids unless they are for children. So, just to stay safe when going through airport security have an empty bottle in your backpack or carry on.


Make sure there is a pen on you as they give you these things to fill in the airport or on the plane, and trust me you do not want to be that one person asking other people for a pen. 


This one is an obvious one, but well you can end up forgetting your headphones or earphones. So, this is a reminder of why they’re such lifesavers. You can use them to listen to music while walking through the airport blocking out the screams of children and the non-ending chatter of anonymous humans.


If you just want to sleep and not read, converse or whatever really then earplugs are the way to go to block the noise to get the tranquillity you want. 


I don’t know about you but to me, airplane food translates to a stomach ache. I usually cannot take more than a spoonful, and snacks are a lifesaver. I mean, I highly regret not packing a few snacks this time around and I will definitely not repeat that mistake going back, as you can probably guess the food was horrendous and I was hungry af 😦

So, some possible snacks depending on your taste- of course:



Poptarts (i am not sure if those melt)

Gummy bears

A pate or a croissant 


Breakfast bars

Fruit – apple, pears, etc (nothing mushy)


Nothing can pass time as a good read, so take some time to buy an EPUB, or to purchase a book from the nearest bookstore. With a book in your hand and some relaxing melodies in your ears, the time you stay on board of your plane will definitely seem much shorter. 

OH, I just had this really cool idea too. You can bring along a colouring book there are these very cute adult ones which require patience and time and well you’ve got that on board a plane. And, there are also these interactive books with riddles and different paper games.


If you’re travelling with someone this could be another time killer. You can bring along a pack of cards, UNO, cards against humanity or monopoly card deal.

On that note, it’s a good idea to pack a board game like monopoly or I don’t know some other board game- bank el 7az or something, or even Jenga. So, when it’s very late at night and you’re stuck in the hotel you could bring them out and play in the lounge.


I personally never ever travel without gum. Firstly, yes I do love gum a lot (for one), but also it can help when the pressure changes in the air and you feel like your ears are so close to exploding. And, it’s also refreshing to have a bit of flavour in your mouth.


Well, obviously! Especially, if it’s a long flight make sure your portable charger is in your backpack. You do not want to run out of charge and you have no idea when you will arrive at your hotel or wherever you are staying. 


Well, if you think about it you will be having money in two or three currencies, a passport, flight ticket, an ID and a hotel card which are so many things to put in a normal wallet and a travel wallet will just assist you in staying organized. Everything will have its place and you are way less likely of misplacing… anything really. 


This depends on where you are going but having a few bandaids, panadol, and painkillers won’t hurt anybody- keep those in your carry-on. 


The air can get so dry when you are on the plane so it’s a good idea to keep your skin and lips hydrated.


(carry-on): Always check what the electricity thing looks like in the country you are going to before travelling and buy an adapter. You do not want to be roaming the streets looking for an adapter to charge your phone instead of being in some lavish museum!


You never know when your period will come. So, keep a pack in your carry on and one or two in your backpack just in case.


Well, keep them in your carry on if you think you will use them, you never know when you need to shave next. 


Keep your hairbrush in your carry on along with an outfit and some shoes so you can dash right out when you arrive at your hotel instead of having to open your big bag, and then it just gets messy. You can worry about your big bag when you come back at night.


This is a life saver. Trust me this is so much more useful than you think. I personally take mine everywhere. So there are those big steam irons which you cannot really take anywhere but these are small and do not take much space. They are so easy to use, and very quick and will not burn your clothes. Keeping one of these in your carry-on will save you so much trouble.


Well, you do not want to be fussing around in your large luggage looking for them so it’s so much better to keep them in your carry-on, so you can quickly take them out.


I feel like this one is trivial, but EYE PROTECTION. Also, if you are planning to dash out of the hotel right after you check in you do not want to be spending too much time looking for them, so have them at your fingertips by keeping them in your backpack.

Well, that’s all I have for you.

Safe flights, 

Rawan x

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