8 Simple but Brilliant Date Ideas for When You’re in Sahel

By: Salma Mourad

Summer’s back, and so are it’s flings. And that means: crushes, butterflies, and most importantly, going on dates. As the majority of egyptians go to sahel, here’s a list of creative things to do on a date while you’re there. Luckily, not your average ‘dinner at a restaurant and a movie’ type of date.

Most of us know, that sahel life is almost equivalent to a lifestyle in a european country or the USA for example. Shorts, skirts, dresses, being at a walking distance from friends.. etc.

Besides not being able to wear shorts, skirts and dresses on the streets of cairo, the rarity of finding creative stuff to do on a date increases alot. So, let’s get started.

1)The Beach
A date on the beach? What a cliché! Expected, really. Right?
Even though it is a bit repetitive, dates on the beach are amazing. You could go at any time and still have a blast. You could go watch the sun rise at 6 am, or just like every romantic movie ever made, its setting. Even just an afternoon swimming and sitting could be a great way of spending a day with a significant other. 

2) Picnic!
A normal picnic in a garden or even on the beach, picnics are one of the best date ideas. Cozy, comfortable and of course, our favourite thing about it, there’s food. Whether you choose to pack fruits, cheese, and bread or an actual meal doesn’t matter, what more can you ask for than great view and a person you love? Could it honestly get any better?

3) Bike Rides
To me, riding bikes is one of the funnest things there is to do. It’s a sport, a means of transportation and also a fun way to spend your time. Riding around the compound you’re in with someone special is a great idea for a date. Laughing, joking around even racing against each other.

4) Go for a Walk
Just like bike rides, but less fun and more talk. While going on a walk with someone you start getting to know them better and talk about deep stuff together. You focus more on each other than when you’re actively doing something. Talking deeply about desires, hopes and fears is a great base for a new relationship, and there’s no better way to improve older ones.

5) Ice Cream
Who doesn’t love ice cream?! Ice cream gives you an amazing, refreshing and fun feeling. Nothing feels better than sharing that feeling with another person. Like I said, delicious food and love? Could you wish for more?

6) Cruise and Jam!
So, it sounds a bit weird for a date to be in a car, but to me, one of the best things to do is sit in a car, blast loud music and start singing and dancing like crazy. Like a private concert for both of you, just while driving around.

7) Going to an Actual Concert
Speaking of concerts, has anyone realized how interested famous singers have suddenly been in egypt? From Jason Derulo and James Arthur, to Russ and JLo this summer. Get your tickets now and have fun with your partner! It’s exactly like jamming in the car, but with the singer actually performing in front of you, and thousands of people surrounding you. Not that big of a difference.

8) Cinema
Of course that’s every mainstream date, but you could also mix it up a bit if you wanted to. There’s a 7D cinema in sahel, and even outdoor cinemas if you’re sick of the closed room and very cold AC.

Surely there’s more, but that was everything I personally think is perfect to do on a date.

have a great date,
Salma Mourad

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