Your Soulmate and the Right Partner/Lover Aren’t Always the Same Person

By: Zeina El Mofty

Zeina Elmofty (2002-2017)

Brunette with long hair and a notebook. Love is nothing but a cheesy word. Writing is boring. Notebook is empty. Soul mates don’t exist.

Zeina Elmofty (2018)

Brunette with short hair and the same empty notebook. Love is a thing. Zeina gets that. She can’t wrap her head around it but she knows it’s a thing. Soul mates exist… Maybe?

Zeina Elmofty (2019)

Just to get it out of the way: Same hair. Notebook is full. All thoughts written now. She’s this girl now. Not too cliché though, it’s not that bad. Just this: love is real, soul mates exists. She still cringes at the thought of it but she believes in it.

There. A very unnecessary introduction of me. You’re welcome.

Soul mates. The hell is that supposed to mean? If you’re a fellow cringer, bare with me. Whether you’ve found this person or not. There’s this person who has this unspoken connection with. It’s not just compatibility, not just chemistry. It’s more than that. It’s electricity. It’s not just knowing what this person’s thinking when they’re thinking. It’s feeling what they feel what they feel when they do. It sounds illogical because it is. It’s kind of creepy and weird too, but it’s real and it’s absolutely amazing. It’s like no other thing, as cheesy as it sounds. A soul mate is not just a person it’s the person. It’s different to be with or around them.

I don’t know really I can explain it but I sure get what I’m thinking so just try to stay with me will ya?

It’s just real ok and if you don’t believe it, chances are you just haven’t seen it yet. Amazing. Just amazing okay?

Now onto the buzzkill. Imagine you’re past understanding the whole “soul mate” party. Imagine knowing that person. Imagine finding them. Imagine being with them right this second. All set up? Now imagine me there with you guys, not third wheeling no, but telling you that this person is everything but the right person for you. Telling you a million reasons why you shouldn’t be with them. Such a buzzkill, huh?

Well before I convince you with this very sucky theory, let me just make something clear. Your soul mate isn’t necessarily a lover. Your best friend can be your soul mate and I’m honestly too lazy to explain why. If you’re not convinced though, hit me up and let’s talk about it bro.

Now back to this. We all most definitely want to find and end up with our soul mates but that’s not always the best idea. Such a Virgo thing of me to say, but it’s not always about just the heart you know, the brain’s gotta contribute too. Yes, a person might make you feel complete but you shouldn’t be struggling through it. If you feel the world is against it. I’m sorry to say this but what if it actually is?

Before you hate me hear me out. You’re a puzzle with missing pieces. Imagine the puzzle is of a beautiful picture of a city. Top of the picture is a clear sky and then middle to bottom is the buildings, lights, people, aka the actual view. Stay with me because this requires a hell lot of imagining. The picture aka you is almost full but it’s missing some puzzle pieces. Mostly, the picture missed pieces of the landscape. These pieces weren’t that pretty nor clear if you view each individually. These pieces are the right people. The missing puzzle pieces of the sky, on the other hand, have beautiful shades, ones that feel so appealing and you fill like you’re really missing but which wouldn’t really make the picture and clearer or more understandable. You probably guessed it. These are your soul mates.

I hope I’m making sense.

Conclusion: most of the time soul mates are what you want not what you need. Soul mates might be made for you or might complete you but maybe you don’t need to be completed. Maybe you need someone that makes you solely feel whole. Hashtag cheesy.

That doesn’t mean we should stop wanting to find them though, it just means that even when you do, don’t force yourself to stay with them if they’re toxic for you just because of “estekhsar”.

Truth to be told though, as much as I’m convinced with everything I’ve said, I still want that soul mate person to be there right one you know? I mean I’m human too.

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