Budgeting 101: How to Save Money While Still Having Fun This Summer

By: Mariam AbdelRazek

 Let’s face it, when it comes to money, we’re ready to do anything. No buts. You know you’d do anything to get some cash – being the broke generation we are – and honestly, I’d do the same thing. W ya salam ba2a if we can actually make some money without having to work for it. Is that even possible? Yes, it is, and I call it investing. Aka saving money. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain why we want to save our money. We all have something we’re dying to buy and our parents are just torturing us about it and given the fact that the prices nowadays are higher than Bob Marley on an average Thursday– yes he was a stoner  and how us, teenagers, spend all of our masroof in a single khorooga, it’s practically impossible to buy anything other than a can of Pepsi or bag of chips. No worries, though! Follow these simple steps and by the end of the summer, all your wishes will come true. (That sounded so cliché lol)


1.Homemade food is key

In the summertime, we all just want to go out with our friends since we have so much free time, the weather is amazing and everything is just perfect. Except for your wallet that’s always screaming ‘HELP ME!’. Eating out is definitely one of the easiest ways to spend your money – right after shopping. I’m not talking about the once-in-a-week meal that we’re all dying for all week long, I’m talking about eating out. Every. Single. Day. Just because it’s an easy alternative to cooking or because it’s much more fun and much tastier. There is so many delicious food specially in the summer, so do yourself a favour and turn your outing into a fun girls/guys night in or a date night in. You can look up some fun recipes which is definitely a healthier alternative to eating out , very fun to prepare and much cheaper – especially when your friends are over and music is blasting….perfect. Also, you’ll have an amazing sense of achievement when you’re done preparing your meal. Do that and believe me, you’ll find it hard to eat out anymore.



Notice how I wrote it in capitals? Because I cannot stress on how important this is. Shopping is literally a money-sucking machine and frankly, most of the time we go shopping, it’s for things that we don’t even need. Fir this, I found two solutions. First of all, you need to sort out your closet; you’ll find a ton of clothes that you don’t ever wear and you’ll be surprised o find out that these clothes are in perfect condition, you’ll even find some with their price tags. This will make you realise that you don’t need to buy anymore clothes because you’ll discover that you actually already have everything – no joke. The second solution is unsubscribing from all your favourite brands on youtube or unfollowing them on Instagram because honestly, personally speaking, when I see their notifications whenever there is a sale or just see their normal posts, I get so hyped up  and I end up buying a ton of things that I don’t need. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who does this and that is why you are going to unsubscribe/unfollow any brand you are following right now. Come on, I’m waiting.


3. Save your change!

This is by far one of the best ways for saving money that I have ever come across and it’s so easy and doesn’t take much effort. Just bring a small jar and put it on your nightstand or desk or just basically in your room. Whenever you have some change just put it in it and you’ll be surprised by how fast this jar gets full. Honestly, we get change all the time and sometimes you just find some coins laying around the house so why nor benefit from them? This is also very effective because you can’t spend change while shopping or buying pretty much anything so by the end of the summer you should have a decent sum.



This might sound like a tip for mothers or something but I promise it’s very very very effective when put into action. The amount of money we spend on Uber, Careem or SWVL daily would add up to thousands. This is where walking saves the day. If wherever you’re going ( For example, a club, supermarket or a nearby coffeeshop) is within walking distance, go for it! If it’s a little bit further, a bicycle is always an option! Your body will thank you and so will your wallet. On the other hand, if your destination is far from where you are, you can always carpool with a friend! You’ll be saving money and the earth from harmful and toxic gases. 



It’s no secret that we’re all saving up for something we’re just dying to have. A great way for saving money is reminding yourself why you’re saving money in the first place as some kind of motivation. For example, put a picture of the thing you want to buy as your phone’s wallpaper and whenever you’ll look at your phone you’ll be reminded that you are saving up for something and how much you wan to buy that thing. Such a great way to save money really.


I think that’s it. As you can see, money saving is pretty easy if you put your mind to it, and just like anything, the small actions make a great outcome. The steps may seem simple and silly but, I promise you won’t regret doing this.

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