7 Holistic Apps You Need to Download for Surviving This Summer

By: Rawan Khalil

With summer finally here, you probably want to enjoy every single moment – eliminating every chance of saying that this summer was: “meh”, because we have worked so damn hard all year to reach this point, and we are not bound to let it all go any time soon. So, to help maximize what you could do/get out of your summer there a few apps you can download on your phone, keeping track of your health; mentally, emotionally, and physically has never been easier. 


I love Daylio so much. It is basically an app which you use one every day to log in the activities you did that day and your overall mood. So, if you realise that you have a large number of days where you’re frustrated you can start thinking of new activities. Also, you can customize the activities and so if you have a goal to exercise or read you can add them to your activities and then see if you are actually meeting that goal. It will be motivational because you will want to tick it off at the end of the day.


Aloe Bud is a really cute app which you can use for reminders. And, it’s amazing because it can remind you to do basically anything at all; stay hydrated, take your medicine, pick up a book and even to just take a moment to breathe. 


Happify is a self-care app like most of the ones on this list, but it’s a bit special because you can use it to set goals which are related to your mental health and to your well-being which you might completely forget about over summer. And, I think it’s a cool app all year long to be honest because we all need an app which we can use to reduce our stress and aid in building our confidence.


So, a game! This is literally my favourite-ever game and that says a lot because I barely ever have a game on my phone for more than a day- I get bored. But, I Love Hue is so fun and a great time passer (I think that’s the phrase). It’s basically what you see in the picture you are given blocks and you’re supposed to arrange them in a way which follows the hues of the colour (dark to light or vice versa) to build a really pretty picture. It’s so fun and relaxing.


This is a very satisfying, relaxing app which would be a great addition to your app collection. It enables you to listen to the sounds of rain, thunder, piano, birds and anything you find satisfying to your ears. You can use it for meditation, yoga, or if you want to sit and clear your mind with no music but no sounds nonetheless or maybe even while reading.


It’s an app which you can use for breathing exercises to help you relax for my 5-10mins everyday. It’s also really cute for a plus!


Another very cute app. It just reminds you to stay hydrated which is so important and very easy to forget. The secret to glowing skin is water- just saying.

Thank me later, 

Rawan xx

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