Why I Believe Love is Really Overrated

By: Mariam Abdel Razek

I don’t know whether it’s because my personal experience with ‘love’ wasn’t that great or because I’m a naturally unemotional person, either way, I believe that – as harsh as it sounds – love is just one of mother nature’s cruellest ways to get us to reproduce. To me, love is the most overrated thing ever alongside the Beatles and Kim Kardashian. It sets unrealistic expectations that lead to none other than disappointment. We grew up believing that love is forever lasting and endless which is a big fat lie; loves end all the time. At least romantic love does.

People use the word love way too much nowadays that it has become…meaningless. You know that feeling when you say the same word over and over again that you start to doubt whether it’s even a word? (Try it right now; say your name over and over again in your head). Something’s not right, right? That’s the case with love nowadays.

I don’t want to shatter your dreams of meeting your prince charming or your gorgeous Cinderella but, people give romantic love more credit than it actually deserves leaving us with none other than false hope and dreams that never come true.

I like to compare it to drugs. Even though we know that it will probably be the end our lives or (best-case scenario) it’ll do some damage, we still do it anyways because, the high is just too good not to have. That’s us humans, we’d give up anything for just a feeling of momentary satisfaction even if it’s doomed to end. We’re selfish like that. And when that feeling of satisfaction wears off, we want more because we don’t want to lose that feeling. So basically, we become addicted.

I believe that in most cases the more accurate word to use is lust.  Lust is the reason why people act. You see, lust is not always about physical attraction; you can lust over money, violence, food, basically, all sorts of things. Lots of people get really mixed up between falling in lust and falling in love. In both cases, you’re attracted to the person but, when falling in lust, you’re not really interested in knowing every single detail about your significant other; their childhood, what they like or dislike…etcetera, you just want to be with them because they make you feel something that only you can feel. The moment this feeling of attraction is gone, we’re simply bored resulting in the dreaded series of breakups and a short relationship that we’re desperate to forget about.

What I’m saying is, to fill the void in our hearts, we don’t need romance. It’s the countless movies and TV series that fed us this lie. Your pet can give you the love you need and it won’t ever ‘break your heart’ or get bored of you. The same goes for your bestfriends. Hell, even hate can make your feel full and alive. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LOVE. Many relationships these days hardly las a couple of months because when we feel the simplest hint of an emotion, we’re very quick to assume it’s love when that’s not the case. And then we wonder why we’re a so-called depressed generation.

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