7 Tips for Perfecting Your Makeup This Summer

By: Farida El Shafie

This summer is all about that glow, yes we’re definitely aiming to glow from the inside, but there’s nothing wrong with accentuating your features with makeup. The heat is insufferable and the sun is scorching, but you don’t have to worry, with these tips, hacks, and recommended products – you can rock any look you want without being scared of it melting all over your face. Whether you feel like doing a nude look or something with a pop of bold color; perfecting makeup has never been so easy.

1)  Stay light and fresh, the less the merrier:

Instead of heavy duty full coverage foundation, opt for a fresher and more natural look during the warm summer days. With prolonged sunny beach days BB  and CC creams are your new best friends. Not only do they give you that perfect “lit from within” summer skin we all dream of, they also moisturize the skin and they’re packed with spf to protect your beautiful face from premature aging and hyperpigmentation. Your skin is your largest organ after all. Remember! The Spf in your makeup is not sufficient, it will provide you with some protection, but applying spf beneath your makeup is still important. Another side note: spf will give you flashback! So unless you want to like ghostly make sure you ditch the spf if you are going to be using flash photography


’It cosmetics’ CC+ Cream.

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.

L’Oreal skin awakening tint

2)  Keep it waterproof:

That’s right, waterproof.  It is safe to say we all live in hot and humid weather conditions, which is why waterproof makeup is your savior when it comes to protecting your beautifully crafted makeup looks from disintegrating as soon as you walk out the door. Lucky for you, we now live in the peak of the makeup and beauty industry. Which means there’s a range of waterproof makeup for you to choose from. From liner and Mascara to brow gel, lipstick and even bronzer! Today’s brands have definitely expanded their horizons.


Makeup Forever ‘Full Cover’ Concealer.

Benefit ‘Ready, Set, Brow!’ Eyebrow gel.

Benefit’s ‘Bene-tint’ – Multipurpose – lips and cheeks.

Stila ‘Stay all day’ liquid lipstick.

Tarte ‘Amazonian clay’ bronzer.

3)  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate:

Believe it or not the best makeup you’ll need all summer is water. It’s probably redundant restating what you’ve probably already heard a hundred times before, but just hear me out. Staying hydrated allows for your cells to regenerate a lot faster and also speeds up your metabolism (All the chemical reactions happening inside your body due to the fact that they occur in the blood plasma which is 92% water) so not only is your skin renewing itself but your body is flushing out those toxins that might be damaging your skin or giving you acne. Moral of this off topic biological perspective: more water will give you better skin, and better skin will make your makeup apply flawlessly.

4)  Less cake, more glow:

If your a makeup fiend like me, then you’ve probably seen pictures of celebrities like JLo and Kim K and wondered how they always look like their glowing from within. The answer is simple. Beauty fiend meet strobe cream. If your just dipping your toes into the confusing world of makeup then I reassure you that strobe cream will change your life forever. What is essentially a hybrid between liquid highlighter and a moisturizer, strobe cream when applied to the high points of the face catches the light and gives you that ethereal JLo glow.


MAC Strobe Cream.

Maybelline ‘Master strobing liquid’ – a more affordable option.

5)  Add a pop of colour:

Not only is summer for swimming pools and beaches, it can also be a time for you to experiment with pops of color in your makeup. My personal favourite way to add colour is eyeliner. Instead of a dramatic black wing you might want to keep the face light and add a pop of blue or purple liner. If that’s too daunting, then perhaps switching out your everyday, go – to nude lip for a bright pink, coral or a metallic lip might be more up your alley. Bottom line, just have fun with colour this summer as I am sure we could all use some after this past exam season.


Makeup Forever ‘Aqua Liner’ – also happens to be waterproof.

Marc Jacobs ‘gel eye crayon eyeliner’

NYX ‘Liquid Suede’ Metallic Matte liquid lipstick.

6)  Get your gloss on!

After two years of instagram matte liquid lips, gloss is now back and during the most convenient time of year. Gloss is making a come back and I personally could not be more excited.  It can be applied to the lips to hydrate and add to your new found plump and ethereal look, or applied to the eyelids for a trendy and super easy eyelook. If gloss is not your fave lip product, then don’t worry vaseline does the trick and hydrates your lips too.


Fenty beauty ‘Gloss Bomb’

Nars ‘multi-use gloss’

7)  Prime, set, but don’t forget:

The best way to ensure the durability of your makeup is to use a primer. This step we all tend to skip, thinking it’s another way for large corporations to take our money. In actuality, primer protects your skin and improves your overall complexion. Depending on your skin, the primer you use will differ. There are a range of primers depending on your skin needs, from pore filling primers to give you a flawless complexion, to illuminating primers to add to your summer glow. My personal favourites are mattifying primers that will help you control your oil production during the summer heat, so stock up and enjoy a flawless canvas for all your creative looks this summer.


Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Huda beauty complexion perfection

Deborah Milano mattifying primer

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