The Things That Hurt Us Most, Make Us Feel Most Alive

By: Zeina El Mofty

Is it just me or does this sentence sound very familiar? I’m getting the vibe that I read it on an Instagram post or a tweet maybe, hands down though, it is true isn’t it?

As humans we have weaknesses. And when we’re weak , we become an easier target for pain and when pain hits bullseye , its a ding ding ding and it’s over.

Well, it’s not really over but we think its and therefore jump into a conclusion that there is no turning back. That pain is inevitable and therefore we can’t eliminate it, we can just…find escapes. Things that just distract us from hurting. Things that would comfort the hell out of us but we low low low key know they suck. So yeah, we’re talking about that. 

Toxicity is the problem. Ok no, let me correct myself, being aware of toxicity is the problem. 

Lemme hit you with an example: smoking. A lot of people smoke to “calm down” or to “blow off some steam”, I can’t relate but I sure do understand. People know smoking is bad for you. They know there is no good behind it but everything bad is not visible in the present so they don’t really umm…care? They only care about now and how it supposedly helps them right this second and that’s it. 

This applies to many other things that don’t just physically hurt you. This applies to people too. At some point in our lives , we all had this one person whom we know is bad for us, we know how much this person is currently hurting us , but we just can’t let go of them quite yet. We are aware of this person‘s toxicity but we think that the good parts of them , the parts that make you comfortable around them, the parts that make you dependent on them, are worth tolerating the bad side. 

This is where I disagree. Listen, i get that it’s hard to control yourself, what you do or how you feel , but step one of cutting off the things you know you should cut off but are too scared to is deciding that you will do it (eventually). Step two is to acknowledge the fact that it won’t be easy. It’s hard to let go of things that usually increase your chill because it would obviously lower your chill potential, and you’re most probably not ready for that . Give yourself time, take baby steps and don’t go too hard on yourself. Just start. Like right now. 

Step three ba2a, know that no matter how much you love this something or this someone, nothing is worth your hurt man.

Be okay 🙂

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