5 Signs that Indicate You’ve Fallen in Love

By: Renad Ghareib

People always say that once you’re in love you’ll feel it. I’m here to help you figure out if what you’re feeling is love or just a rush of infatuation that will eventually fade away. Just a disclaimer, these signs may sound weird but if you relate to any of these, there’s a small chance you’ve fallen hard, trust me.

1.Your heart skips a beat

I know what you’re thinking, just please bare with me. When you see the person you’re in love with or when their name pops up on your screen or is mentioned in a conversation your body tends to release hormones that impact your heart beat, it can fasten the pace, slow things down a bit, cause a harder or even softer beat. This is how you skip a beat by the mention of their name or their presence. 

2. The second they leave, you miss them

While this might happen when your best friend or someone you haven’t seen in a while takes off, it’s still a bit different when it comes to the person you’re in love with. Even if you weren’t talking or engaging in any type of communication, the second they get up and make their way out you tend to feel this rush of emptiness that hits you all of sudden, its the same feeling you get when you finish the last episode of the series you’ve been watching and you just don’t know what to do with your life at this exact moment. This feeling fades away as you distract yourself, but you’ll still be wishing that they’re here. 

3. You find their quirks absolutely endearing

The small details you notice that have the ability to plaster a wide smile on your face because of how adorable they are. The way they struggle with pronouncing this one word every damn time, how they scratch a specific spot on their ear when they’re nervous, how defensive they can get when someone says something about a band or sports player they like. While these things may either go unnoticed for some people or annoy other people, they’re the things that shape the image you have for them in your head, the things that make you feel like you know them well and the things that make you fall just a bit harder. 

4. Loss of appetite

While this one sounds like something extracted from a plot of a romcom, it’s actually scientifically proven to be true. You know when they start crossing your mind when you’re having a family dinner so you just push your plate back because you feel like the second you put a piece of food in your mouth you’ll just throw up, or when you’re out with your friends and you know they’ll show up so everything on the menu seems to be too much? Well, this is what being in love does to you. Falling in love is something vulnerable, and with vulnerability comes fear especially when you’re newly falling in love. With that our adrenal glands release something called cortisol (stress hormone). What cortisol does is constrict the blood vessels in your stomach, resulting in decreased appetite. 

5. They easily crack you up

This person may or may not be funny, but if they can put a smile on your face or cause you to let out an unexpected laugh by doing the bare minimum, you’re most likely to be falling in love. I know this point is very general since many people might able to make you laugh but the laugh you let out with a loved one is just different, its a laugh that has multiple emotions trapped in it, its like you’re screaming ‘You’re funny, I love you’. It’s not forced out, but rather released mindlessly out of pure love and enjoyment. 

You may think these are utterly stupid which might be a sign you’re not really in love, but love is different and everyone shows, receives and feels love differently. If you related to any of these, don’t freak out or take any impulsive decisions. Please and thank you.

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