Why We Desperately Need Sex Education in Schools

By: Maya

For starters, the words “sex education” have disconcerted many people, thanks to the many misconceptions about them. Discussing sexual acts is considered a taboo in our society, so you can probably guess how disfavored learning about them is.

Traditionally, teenagers are kept blindfolded about sex, until before marriage when they finally sit down with their parents to have “the talk”, and sometimes even that doesn’t happen because it’s thought in some families to “strip their innocence away”.

Egyptians think that because the concept of sex education is derived from a European/ American culture, this makes it sound very inappropriate and unfitting and therefore inapplicable.

Sex education should be a medically and scientifically accurate, understandable subject taught in schools, just like biology or math. 

There are multiple reasons that highlight the significance of not only sex education, but also the process of getting familiar with your own body. 

Although pre-marital sex is haram and a frowned-upon act, this doesn’t invalidate the fact that it occurs. So instead of denying its happening, why not ensure that it takes place in a safe environment?

Learning about your own body is absolutely nothing to find disgusting or to shy away from.There’s so much more to a female’s body than a vagina, and even more to a male’s body than a penis. Honestly, it is beyond abnormal to be uneducated to the extent that you – as a male or a female – do not know what/ where a clitoris is!! If you don’t know your body’s anatomy, then how do you expect your partner to?

While I’m still discussing anatomy, in the rural areas of Egypt, some women are forced to have sex on their wedding night, and what’s worse is that they do it on a towel, so that if they bleed during penetration, it shows – as a result of their hymen breaking, which is total bullshit. That’s not the end of it, afterwards, they have to show the towel to their mother-in-law, so she knows if her daughter-in-law was “clean” or not.

Despite how humiliating and inhuman that is, in which century do we live in, that a girl’s virginity is measured by whether or not she has a hymen? Some women are born without a hymen. Some hymens are too thin that they are torn while practising sports such as gymnastics or horse riding. Another common reason to a female not having a hymen is simply rape, something without her consent. 

Knowing your likes, dislikes, kinks, turn-ons, turn-offs, helps you and your partner have better orgasms and sex that is more pleasurable. 

Speaking of pleasure, sex is one of the main causatives of high divorce rates. Sex is about both partners enjoying and being turned on. If my partner isn’t relishing it, then how can I? Well owing to the lack in sex education, after say two weeks or one month at the utmost, one partner gets bored, or the same things don’t make them hot anymore, or they find their partners’ kinks strange or unpleasant.

After a while, one partner finds the mere act of having sex very repulsive, and it soon turns to a chore instead of being an act of love and delight. So that same partner – often the male – starts looking for someone else to give him that feeling of contentedness, cheating. But the thing is actually, cheating is not and should never be the solution. Instead of facing your partner and telling them I want this and that, you run away behind their backs.

Back to my main point, one of the vital reasons of having sex, if not the most vital one, is orgasming. Orgasms or ejaculations or whatever can be enhanced, when you feel comfortable around the person you’re having sex with, or in other words, you like the act. Hence, if you’re compelled to have sex, it will be more difficult to reach your sexual climax.

Porn, the ultimate male mentor to how to fuck, and ONLY that. There’s no foreplay in porn; there’s no guidance of whatsoever about how to turn a female on, and what’s more than all of this is that porn scenarios are UNREALISTIC. Come on you guys, your teacher won’t strip for you after class and ask you to have sex with her. Don’t get me wrong I’m not against the porn industry. Porn is crucial for masturbation and getting to know your own personal preferences and fetishes. However, my point is, that you shouldn’t rely on porn to teach you your “moves”.

Sex education also covers getting enlightened about Sexually Transmitted Diseases. STDs such as HIV/ AIDs, HPV, Syphilis, can be easily transmitted during sexual intercourse, and they can go by unnoticed for years. Learning about birth control methods, as well as their symptoms and proper treatment – for those not caused by a virus – can help you stay safe.

In case you still can’t see it yet, even if you don’t plan on being sexually active, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn about human sexuality, anatomy, birth control, and other topics that formulate sex education.

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