Why All of Us Need to Watch Netflix’s “Sex Education”, Like, Right Now

By: Rawan Khalil

I watched Sex Education two months or so ago and honestly I loved it, like every single moment I spent watching it was totally worth it because it is a really good show. Yes- it is a teen drama which normally ends up looking very similar to each other- same love stories, same mean girls, same not so pretty girl gets everything she deserves. But, Sex Education is different in so many ways. Whenever I suggested the show to anyone I was met by almost the same comments which varied from:

“What? No way am I watching that!” to: “HAHAHA- isn’t that the one that starts with a sex scene?”

And, after suggesting it to a few people I noticed that quite a few people knew how the show began but no one actually gave the show a chance which honestly disappointed me because it is a really good show and pretty much no one actually gave it a shot even worse they treated it as joke – with the exception of  a few.

So, why should you watch Sex Education?


The soundtrack was awesome from every song played to the bands that were mentioned by the characters. Find it here.


The cast displayed a variety of personalities, people of colour and members of the LGBTQ+ community- some of which were comfortable with their sexualities and others which were more preserved, and one which is probably still not sure. I mean if you watched the show Ola.


This show will make you laugh to bits because the characters are genuinely so entertaining and hilarious.


This is not very much highlighted in our day to day lives, when parents overstep boundaries and do not respect our wishes and once we express our discomfort we are normally scolded as they want the best for us. But, we all know that no matter how many times they say that it’s still disturbing and quite annoying that they ignored our wishes. Because, yes we love but we may also need the space as them coming too close. In Sex Education we see Otis’s mum start to realize that her son is actually quite uncomfortable by how she continually oversteps boundaries and apologizes for that and actually gives him the space he’s been asking for.


Whether you are in sixth form, your final year, high school whatever you want to call it there is this notion of: “but everyone is doing it”. When everyone around you is in relationships and you are not whether they are sleeping around or in a legit relationship it’s normal to feel left out. It’s normal to feel as if you need to take part of that as well. And, there is a character that goes through that dilemma with herself for the entire season until she finally gets “dick” and it doesn’t go so well. She is then told be someone (i am trying not to spoil so excuse my overuse of someone) that it’s okay to wait if you are not ready because being ready is different for everyone.

On the other hand, those of us who are in relationships face non-ending shame by society and more often than not as we live in a conservative society we may choose to keep it a secret, but it’s okay to be sexually active in high school which is pretty much everyone in this particular high school.


I mean it’s a show about sex so of course consent has to be highlighted, because consent is so important. A particular guy really liked a girl which continued to reject him but he just did not want to accept that. But, then when he did something very over the top with hopes to embarrass him he was stopped by another person and made to understand that NO means NO in all situations, and because it was not a sexual situation it was so powerful. Because, consent is not just about sex it is in every relationship whether platonic, sexual, romantic, or any normal everyday situation.


In any sexual relationship both partners should enjoy the experience. It’s a two way thing. One does not please the other, while being left with nothing. This again is accentuated by this one girl who did not enjoy any of her sexual activities until one of her boyfriends told her that he wants her to know what she wants to, which was quite an amazing scene to be honest.

Overall, this show is just great to be honest. It’s a show about a british sixth form school which is genuinely funny, and at the same time teaches you about so many different things from healthy child-parent relationships to consent and self-authenticity. A horny-comedy-teen drama which is actually very entertaining.

Worth a watch, no?

Till laters,

Rawan x

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