Oh God , the Eid Family Gathering Crisis *Face Palm*

By: Zeina El Mofty

I’m secretly glad that Eid came a day late, because it gave me one more day to write this. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I didn’t want to write this but because I’m already exhausted thinking about it.

Eid. Shay belaban, colourful clothes, Eid prayers, ka7k and family gathering. Eid is one of the most blissful times of the year…and one of the most exhausting.

Family gatherings. Send help.

It’s now time for to tell you a story completely unrelated to you guys that could possibly make your family gatherings seem less of a crisis.

For as long as I can remember, every single Eid, our family has a ritual.
Day 1: Al laffa Al 3ozma
Day 2: Further
Day 3: Al lamma Al 3ozma

You’re probably confused right now, not understanding a word i said so lemme explain.
Day 1 is usually the hardest. Shay bi laban drunk, new clothes on and ready to go. We first go to my grandma’s, baba’s side. Aunts, uncles, cousins, hugs, kisses, 3edeya, food, pictures, then we move on. When we move on though, I don’t mean that I move on, I mean that everyone in this house moves onto a new one. Where to? My other grandmother’s, mama’s side. A clash of the two sides of the family happens and multiply the number of 3edeyas, aunts and uncles, + kisses by two.

P.S My second grandma’s house features most of my grandpa’s siblings, their children and their grandchildren.

P.S.S My Grandpa has 8 siblings…so, yeah

Every component and human in this house then move onto another, then another. Then another.

Then ba2a, the night starts. After the tour around the Elmofty/Sallam territory, a small group of the people who still have a hint of energy decide to go out till fajr to do whatever the hell comes to their minds. And that’s that, Day 1 is over.

Day 2 is honestly not that important. You know how we all have these very distant relatives we see a maximum of twice a year? Yea these are the main stars for Day 2.

Day 3 is kind of another form of day 1. You know all the people I’ve mentioned in Day 1. We see them again but instead of going around their houses, we all meet at one place. Also my grandmother’s, but sort of a villa. Multiply everything I said before by around 57.

And I’m doing all this through my finals. Two words. Extremely. Exhausting.

Yeah, family gatherings are a crisis, to all of us. If you ever think it’s more that mine though, I’m sorry bro but think again. However, as draining as it is, it feels warm. I absolutely love it and I hope you do too.

Fel awel wel akher, kol sana wento tayebeen ❤

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have three more houses to go to *face palm*

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