Everything We’re Looking Forward to in Eid – From Morning Coffee to 3edeya

By: Salma Mourad

Photo by: Farida Maksoud

A poor little girl I know is going to be all alone during Eid this year. 505 kilometers away from home, I’m the sad girl that won’t be spending these beautiful celebration days with her family. Even though no one can say no to a trip to a hotel on the beach all by themselves, it’s a bit depressing to not be home at this time. 

Eid is amazing. You can finally wake up at a normal hour and drink a cup of coffee in the morning. No empty stomach and the rumbling sounds it makes. The word fetar means something else entirely, sohour doesn’t exist anymore and lunch and dinner are a thing. So much to look forward to! Your sleeping schedule is back to normal, you’re not an owl! No more sleeping the whole day and being awake the whole night.

After 29 days of starvation and thirst, you finally get to live like a normal being. Food, drinks, sleep, you can even start swearing now (don’t though).

You won’t just have Ramadan behind you, but exam season is probably over and done with. Even if you’re not done with school, you’ll get 4 days off. Who doesn’t like a break from school? Some people even get a taste of summer and sahel. Beach, pool, friends, swimsuits, everything you’ve been missing out on for the past few months!

The first day of Eid means family. Yes, we’ve had our fair share of 3ozoomat this month, but we never get enough of this company. Ramadan has ended, but still Eid is about el Lammah wel 3eila, 4 days where you have lunch with this side of the family, breakfast with the other side of the family or a cozy stay at home dinner with your parents. Fun outings and food. Could it get any better?

Speaking of cozy, the movies screened in Eid make every Egyptian extremely nostalgic and happy. Spending the night watching madraset el moshaghbeen and all your favourite oldies. Eid is known for its traditional sweet specialities, especially ka7k. Ka7k filled with anything or just plain, the white round sugary bomb excites me even more for Eid. And of course, let’s not forget the fights over which Ka7k filling tastes better. Especially since I won’t be in Cairo with my friends and family, I’ll make sure to get a box of ka7k to keep me happy throughout eid days.

As you all probably know, this is the time where we get all cleaned up and wear new things. “Eda masha2allah esta7ameity? 7ommayt el Eid di wala eh?”, oh and especially “akheerna nedeft/y?” Eid is our favorite excuse to buy anything new to wear. If you have siblings or just are as annoying as I am, you’re more likely to have repeatedly heard it and/or said it.

The thing we probably all perceive as the highlight of Eid has to be the 3edeya. A time of year where your relatives pay you money for doing absolutely nothing whatsoever. Imagine just existing and getting paid money. To be completely honest, it’s the main reason why I’m so upset I won’t be spending Eid at home,where’s my 3edeya? Money, food, clothes, dessert, family, Free-time. Even though I might not be getting all of that, I wish you a happy few days with friends and family. Appreciate every second.

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