Why Sara Sabry is the Only “Influencer” You Actually Need to Follow

By: Fadila

As y’all know, I have a thing against “influencers”, mostly because all I see is capitalism and crap social constructions and nothing that actually teaches anyone anything substantial. Mostly, we’ve talked about people like Kojak, Jude Ben Halim, Marwan Younis, etc. Yet, I’ve come to genuinely appreciate a humble little human being and her precious cat, the brilliant Sara Sabry.

{Side Note: Sara is on my list of “successful badass women I wish to interview at one point in my career” so that says something about my appreciation}

I love Sara for reasons I cannot even begin to count, mostly, because she’s so damn real, and that’s something you don’t see people do over Instagram. She not only talks about things, but she’s authentic, genuine, and proud all over her feed, yes she travels a lot, but you see stories of Sara when she just wakes up, when she’s eating food she hates, when she’s got random zits, when she’s suffering through uni, when she’s fighting with Youssef, supporting Mariam, loving her mom May. It’s all her.

You see a person, not a front, not a social media crap thing, you see Sara…well, and Minou, but Sara. A human being. A Young Muslim, Arab, Hijabi Woman who is constantly breaking boundaries for what it means to be a hijabi, an Arab, a Muslim, but mostly – a woman. Sara is a living breathing testimony of how powerful social media could be when you’ve got a person who wants to help people behind the screen. I’ve never once opened Sara’s instagram and felt less, I’ve never felt self-loathing bubble up, I’ve never been triggered in any way, shape, or form, actually, Sara puts a smile on so many peoples’ faces, it’s an actual talent, I’m 100% convinced.

Sara laughs. That’s a thing for me. I don’t see people laughing often on social media, especially not females, not Sara though. I swear, sometimes, I laugh just because Sara is laughing so hard she cannot breathe, and I love that, because I identify with that, on so many levels. The notion that girls should not laugh out loud because it’s “3eib” and “seductive” (@ all us girls who laugh like dying cats, sanya, what seduction?) is something she is actually constantly deconstructing and demolishing, I don’t know if this is even conscious on her part or not, but she’s one of the main reasons why I’m more open with myself on the regular basis now. There’s no shame in laughing y’all, nothing wrong with your crooked teeth or high pitch or thin lips, nothing wrong with your double chin or that your head is covered or any other shit excuse you tell yourself or someone else feeds you. In a world overtaken by violence and fear or big shot celebrities living luxurious crappy lives (that we unfortunately strive for), Sara is a breath of fresh air, she laughs, straight from the heart, you can feel the corners of your lips pull into a smile just from hearing it. It’s a glimpse of reality in an otherwise fake world.

Sara talks about her insecurities. Thank you, sa2fa all around please, can we see more of this? I’m using this word a lot, but dammit, the most genuine person on social media, for real. Even when filming something with Foreo, a little video, she opened up about being scared of people looking at her. That takes so much guts, so much strength, to constantly open up in the most indirect of ways, give people something to relate to, because you actually care, and have 1 Million people watching? I’d be terrified, but she does it. 3ady. She does it. Because she can. Because she’s real. She’s a person and she vibrates with gratitude, she makes me want to count my blessings, to be mindful of all I have, grateful for this life.

Strength and gratitude are big with Sara, she’ll make you feel the same. Also, most of her feed, especially her selfies, are of her smiling, and it brightens my day, because mostly, we see booz el batta, selfies that are actually butt-fies (can we make this a thing and can girl “influencers” stop flexing their glutes in every picture?), and so many more things that make you feel like the ugliest person on Earth, like you want to starve and hit the gym and start a brand and make new friends, and go out every Thursday, and travel to Bali during the weekend and wtf is this life, even? It is not. That’s why we’ve got Sara, that’s why you follow Sara and feel safe enough to allow her to influence you, because she is real.

Also, funniest, most relatable mini-videos ever. Especially because none of them are sexist, racist, classist, or hold any other form of discrimination towards anyone. She makes hijab look gorgeous. She is absolutely beautiful. She is consistently supporting other badass women all over the region.

Most importantly however, it is crucial to note that Sara seems to love pizza as much as we do, so here’s the plan, maybe if Sara sees this, she can come over to my humble basment-turned-office we can order pizza, watch Netflix from the sofa bed in the writers’ area (which has a small-ish TV) in front of it, then binge on brownies and ice cream while talking about big dreams, weird exes, and bonding over university crap and Egyptian family drama.

What I’m trying to say is, this is exactly what makes Sara Sabry someone worth being a role model to many people, in an age where digital-perfection-of-everything is the “norm” and social media is a multi-platform basis for hate and discrimination based on race, class, gender and more. The fact that she battles toxic femininity, social expectations that date back to the 20s, and ever lovingly makes faith look beautiful is what seals the deal. The pizza too though. Maybe Minou. Actually, could it be the Layla-Sara best friend-ship? (No seriously, the way Layla and Sara are with each other makes you want to be good to your loved ones)

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what seals the deal, the entire package is good for our mental and emotional health, so I don’t know about you guys, but I’m down, although, I think you should be too. Thank you for being a legit human being who is genuine and honest and powerful in your own right, Sara, but mostly, thank you for being an amazing role model for a myriad of teenage girls. Bless you.

Wishing y’all joy, growth, and love,

Fadila x

P.S this is not a fangirl-ing rant, I’m truly thankful for her presence on social media. She’s made a difference with me and I’m bullheaded, I’m sure she’d make a difference with any of you too.

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