How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule after the Ramadan Tornado

By: Mariam AbdelRazek

I know we’ve tried to not ruin our sleep schedule during Ramadan but, let’s face it, it’s been ruined anyways. Thankfully, Ramadan is coming to an end and we can get our old and relatively healthy lives back. First thing towards a healthy life is a healthy sleep schedule, and God knows it has been anything but that this past month…benes7a el maghreb w bennam el fagr – sometimes we don’t even sleep – I mean, if I were my body, I’d hate me. So, here are a few things to do in order to solve this crisis.

1.Fill your morning with activities

I’m sure you know your body needs an average of 7 hours of sleep in order to function properly throughout the day. The earlier you sleep, the more energy you have the next morning. So, yes, if you sleep at 2 AM and wake up at 9 AM, you’d have had your 7 hours of sleep but, your body will still be tired because the later you sleep the more energy your body needs to compensate. So, how do we solve this? Tire yourself out in the morning. Go out with your friends, go for a run or maybe you can use that gym membership elly markoona ba2alha sana for once. Since it’s finals season, you can study hard because, we all know how tiresome this can get. The thing is, by the end of the day, your body should be worn out and you’ll have to go to sleep early because you don’t have enough energy to keep you awake. Believe me, you’ll sleep like a baby.

2. No Naps, Please!

I know I know; you just came back from your exams and you’re super tired and you can’t keep you eyelids open. You’re just dying to feel the soft sheets beneath you so that you can restore your energy and continue your dreadful day studying for tomorrow’s exam. This makes your body more awake than you intend it to be. Ergo, you can’t sleep well at night because you’ve already slept in the wrong timing. Here’s a tip, take a cold, refreshing shower and drink your cup of coffee that’ll keep you up a couple more hours. Do your studying and then close these textbooks and go to bed even if you’re not done yet. Set an alarm, wake up extra early and continue your work the next morning. For starters, your brain will register the information better than if you study late at night AND you won’t actually feel like you’re about to pass out during the exam.

3. Phones? Hell no.

I can’t even stress on the importance of this one. Before you sleep with about an hour, leave your phone. Don’t even come near it. I know this sounds impossible but we all know what happens when we ‘check our messages’ before going to sleep, we don’t get any, that’s what happens. We end up staring at our phone’s screen for hours. This doesn’t only mess up your sleep schedule but, it also damages your brain. And our eyes? Don’t even get me started…Seriously, stay as far as possible from your phone before going to sleep. Even if that itch in your head is not leaving you alone and is begging you to just open Instagram for a couple of minutes. DON’T DO IT. Believe me, you’ll regret it.

That’s about it! I hope we all get our good nights sleep and may God help us with these dreadful finals. I can’t wait for summer *cries in Spanish*



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