Why We’re Switching From Pads to Menstrual Cups ASAP

By: Hanya

photo credit: @UrbanEarthlingsEgypt

It is world menstrual hygiene day, so of course, I just had to work on this instantly because self-respect! Surprise? Long time coming but someone has to start to break the cycle. This is not in any way, shape or form taboo, we believe that because we live in a closed patriarchal society full of nothing but misogynists. My concerns and resentment aside, here is why you should switch from pads/tampons to menstrual cups.

First things first, let’s debunk a myth together; virginity. Now, I have spoken about this before in an article talking all about how your hymen is certainly not your virginity so I really advice you to go read that. But in short, inserting a menstrual cup may or may not tear your hymen- depending on your hymen’s flexibility and nature, especially considering your hymen is not a wall, but rather tissue which – like any other part of your body – heals. So, No it. Does. not. Deflower. You. Whatsoever. Lord knows I can sing this all day but y’all really don’t want that.

Okay, how about toxicity? Keeping it in surely must be unhealthy, no? Quite the contrary. This “unclean” blood is full of nutrients minerals to the point that farmers used to use it as a natural fertilizer for their crops! It only starts to chemically change when it hits oxygen contact. There is literally nothing to worry about. In fact, your traditional go to pads contain harmful chemicals. They usually contain dioxins, synthetic fibres and petrochemical additives, and such plasticizing chemicals disrupt embryo development, even linked to various heart diseases and cancer. It can also trap heat and dampness which promote bacteria and yeast growth and infections. That is only one of its many damages. This obviously improves your vaginal and reproductive health as the chemicals in the pads are absorbed through your bloodstream and body which results in horrid cramps and aching. It completely transforms your period experience, and it is all chemistry really so you know I am not baffling.

Unfortunately, I must insult your intelligence and give you a little biology lesson. You have three different openings all for different functions. The first opening is connected to your bladder and that is your urethra. The second is your vaginal canal; were you get your period and is connected to your uterus. The final is your anus which is connected to your anus where your poop comes out. In short, you will be able to freely pee and poop while your cup is inside of you. I hope I never have to explain this again, not that I am uncomfortable- are you? 🙂

Now, menstrual cups are pretty easy to use and you will feel comfortable in no time. To insert it you need to: fold it with your fingers, it put it in, and it will open up right inside of you and you don’t have to worry about shit anymore. You can securely, and confidently exercise, go for a swim, dance, etc. like the badass woman you are. You do not have to worry about leakage, getting stuck or discomfort. Menstrual cups truly are life changers.

You can change it on the go wherever you are; simply press on it to get rid of the suction and pull it out, empty its components in the toilet, flush, rinse it with water, and reapply it. When you’re completely done with your period, you can sanitize it with boiling water and store it. The handy-dandy menstrual cup can last with you for up to 10 years, insane!

With that being said, it is 100% eco-friendly and you’ll be ditching the disposals. The chemicals in the pad also produces heavy black smoke when burning which is a horrible pollutant. However, with your menstrual cup you are one step closer to living guilt-free, zero-waste, and contribute to massive change. Everything affects our Earth, it’s only a shame that we do not know how horrible our trash is discarded and we think it is well-handled. That is surely not the case, much to my dismay.

I will not lie, it is hard to get this through our parents minds as they’ve been living an orthodox life which cannot sway because they know nothing but it. All you need is patience, time, and backed up conversations. Remember, they only want what is best for us and they are not against us in this life we’re living. Because believe me, they may not want to admit it, but they’re hella scared as parenting is not so damn easy!

Respect your body, your planet, and the generations to come and opt for a change- one that doesn’t seem drastic, but does way more than you can ever fathom.

Note: you can find menstrual cups in Egypt through OrganiCup’s Instagram page in Egypt or through Urban Earthlings who also sell OrganiCup’s products. The handles for their respective Instagram pages are right here:



or you can shop directly through Urban Earthlings’ site.

I also wrote this in excruciating pain so I pray it goes places and changes people. Again, I leave you with peace, health, and love.

Hanya xx

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