The Ultimate Overnight Beauty Routine for Healthy Glowing Skin

By: Hanya

Since I’m on a skincare spree and summer came unwelcomed, I decided to write an overnight beauty routine; because when sleeping, your body works on relaxing and undoing all the damage you’ve done, so why not just give it a little push and help out, yeah?

And since this is an ultimate overnight beauty routine, we’re going to go big. You can do this once a week and then follow up with your regular routine throughout the week.

I can’t stress enough that this is for boys as much as it is for girls. Taking care of your skin does not make you any less of a man. Thank you for coming to my ted talk – continue your reading.

So for a deep cleanse, we want to open up the pores to suck all the dirt from them, you can do that with heat. Not a blow torch, Lord no, with steam. Close your sink and turn on the hot water, after your sink is relatively filled, drape a towel over your head and sink so you can trap all the heat. You may feel a little tingling sensation but don’t worry that’s your pores opening. It only takes a couple of minutes, but if you feel suffocated or anything of that sort, please don’t hesitate to quit.

Follow up with a cleanser, make sure your hands are dry and that your skin is only damp from the water vapour. This is called dry cleansing. What it essentially does is that the cleanser can penetrate your skin without that barrier of water and you’ll use it to its full potential. You also end up losing less product and saving up! Continue scrubbing in gentle circular motions until the cleanser has gone transparent and tacky. You’ll want to activate it with water now and remove the cleanser along with the gunk. And don’t worry, any cleanser will work with this trick!

Now is the time to exfoliate, and for this beauty routine, I’d recommend a more deep exfoliation -moderate works fine too- rather than gentle. However, you do know your skin best and if that may be too much for you, do not hesitate to use a gentle exfoliant. And rinse. While you’re at it, exfoliate your knees and elbows too because they tend to get rough, dry, and dark.

Time for toner! Dismiss your cotton round please. You only end up using more product than needed because the cotton sucks all of it and it is not used to its full potential. The media is not necessarily on your side; marketing is brutal and will always work to their favour, not ours. Apply a bit of your toner on the palm of your hand and rub them together then onto your face. I’d recommend tapping it into your face rather than rubbing so it gets deep into your skin- rather than just sitting on top of your face.

Our final step in the bathroom is oral hygiene. Buy carbon tablets from your local pharmacy. Activated charcoal is an excellent natural absorbent and antioxidant. A teaspoon of it has more surface area than a football field! Crush a tablet and scrub your teeth with it for a new set of pearly whites! I promise this shit is going to make you regret not using it your entire life. Follow up with toothpaste and a mouth wash and you’re a changed person!

We won’t be needing anymore water so you can head to your room for a little “hydration therapy”. Grab your favourite moisturiser. We’re not just doing face, were working on our entire body. The areas that tend to be more dry are your feet, knees, and elbows, so we’ll focus on that.

For feet I recommend a thick, medical balm. Spread it out evenly and put socks on to trap the moisture. Thank you mamma for this trick! With that same balm, apply it to your knees and elbows and if it won’t bother you, tie a piece of fabric around it.

With your regular, less intense moisturiser go over your legs, arms, and hands.

Let me tell you about serums and oils- they’re game changers. Like a moisturiser, they hydrate and moisturise your skin, however, they have a much better penetrative ability and will sink deeper than any cream! You can buy any serum and that will work as long as the brand is trusted, for obvious reasons. But a little DIY blend of mine is combining 2 parts Jojoba oil to one part sweet almond oil and lavender oil for a relaxing scent. Rub that on your face, jawline, and neck. Speaking of oils, castor oil is a gem! It stimulates hair growth so you might want to rub it all over your eyebrows and eyelashes and I promise you’ll see amazing results, just don’t get it into your eyes and blame me please. Follow up with a cream to lock the serum, and don’t go little by little- slap as much moisturiser as your face can take. I always do that and I wake up with baby soft skin. Another trick I’d recommend is using coconut milk cream for a natural moisturiser!

Apply our oil blend to your lips and rub it in with a flannel- that will both moisturise and gently exfoliate your lips. Then apply a moisturising lip chap. Nothing with petroleum. Drop the Vaseline, please. Petroleum creates a layer that locks in the moisture but it does not hydrate. Apply a thick balm that has vitamin E, shea butter, or coconut oil. That will literally repair all the days you went out without water.

That doesn’t mean you can skip water.

For this self-care article I decided that I didn’t want to name any products because I find that people tend to run around in circles like headless chickens. I didn’t want to put a burden between anything and I don’t want you to think you don’t have access to anything. Literally anything can work, and trying a bit is not a problem.

I also wanted to clarify that this is more than just you wanting to look beautiful. This stopped being mere self-care several articles ago, it’s self respect now. You owe yourself that respect before anything and that is why I genuinely won’t stop writing “self-care” articles. I hope you wake up blessed, feeling loved, and on your best.

I leave you with peace, health, and love. And as Zeina El Mofty beautifully put it into words; dearest reader, I don’t know you, but I love you.

Hanya xx

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