How to Make Yourself More Active in the Morning – Yes, With the Heat Wave and Ramadan

By: Rawan Khalil

Waking up has to be one of the most dreaded times of the day for me, especially in Ramadan, and for most people in general. I mean we stay up late finishing assignments, solving past papers, revising for exams and tests, then we suffer through gatherings, procrastination. So, the 3 hours of sleep we end up getting are nowhere near sufficient. Well, of course fixing our shitty-ass sleeping schedule is a solution, but it’s too hard and when you have already woken up tired as hell, you do not really want to dwell over fixing your sleeping schedule, and you would rather find a way to keep your eyes open. The heat wave and the fasting just aren’t helping…

Well here are my top tips to help open your eyes before school or university so you are not so sleepy during this trying month.

TIP #1: Wake up a bit earlier than you should

Please, please listen to me. You probably hate me for asking you to wake up a bit earlier when you are already tired enough, but here is what normally end up happening you wake up having barely enough time to get ready so not just do you want to get ready to go to school or uni, but you also have to do everything so quickly.

When you wake up a bit earlier you are going to appreciate that extra bit of time that you have where you can actually refresh yourself.

TIP #2: Do your bed

Okay, when you wake up and have your bed undone first of all you will want to jump right back under those warm blankets because they just like look like they are asking for you. And, also an undone bed will make exude negative energy which you do not need in the morning. So, yes believe it or not doing your bed will be a subtle activation technique which you could use.

TIP #3: Cold Shower

You need to stay hydrated, but that’s not really possible, so next best option is a cold af shower, it beats off the heat, wakes you up, and will probably reduce your stress. Water is just good in general for everything, during the day, this is the only way to utilize that.

No, seriously, cold showers are officially your best friend.

TIP #4: Play some music

While you are getting ready or doing your stretches – which is the next tip – have some music in the background. It will give you some energy which you damn well need in your system.

Invest some time into making a morning playlist of some songs which are upbeat- trust me it’s worth the time you put in.

Tip #4: Stretches and yoga

I could tell you go for a walk, but it’s 6 AM and you cannot be bothered, I know, so if you wake up 15 minutes early you can do some stretches before using the toilet which would relax your body and make it ready to take whatever shit will be thrown at you for the rest of the day.

Alternatively, you could meditate which will put your mind of things for a few minutes.

TIP #5: Make a to-do list for the day

While in your car, or in the bus think of all the things that you want to do for the day and jot down on a piece of paper or in the notes on your phone. It will motivate you and it will help you plan your day from early in the morning so you will manage your time better.

I hope this helps.

Till next time,

Rawan xx

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