8 Tips to Help You Pull Off an All Nighter Without a Hitch

By: Fadila

With the sheer amount of things I do in my life, I end up pulling at least two all nighters every week, something I’ve been doing for 3 years now and trying to fix. However, I definitely know all the tips and tricks to help you stay up all night because you’re that pressed for time, god knows with exams, assignments, ramadan family gatherings, dof3a 3ozoomas, tamreen, and more – all nighters are no longer avoidable.

1- Cold Shower

Oldest trick in the book, plus, in this godforsaken weather, that’s probably a necessity. Cold showers are the best way to stay awake as they make you feel refreshed since they’re a shock to your system.

2- Nescafe

Not coffee, not energy drinks, Nescafe. I know it’s super bad for you but it is loaded with processed caffeine with ok-enough doses and processed sugar, two things that hit your brain super fast and give you a sudden rush of energy. So if you need to wake up, like, now, Nescafe. Beware though, the crash after sucks.

3- Light it Up

The dark encourages your body to release melatonin – the sleep hormone – so, you need to keep every single available light on, it will keep your body from taking over and forcing your mind to sleep.

4- AC at 24 Maximum

I know it’s 45+ degrees, but anything below 24 degrees on your AC means you’re going to sleep. We sleep best when we’re in a cool environment, make sure your room is not.

5- Food

Specifically, protein and carbs, the sugar in your Nescafe is simple sugar, it will spike your energy levels for a couple of hours before you crash, so have a protein and carb rich meal with your Nescafe so when you do try to crash, you actually don’t since the complex carbs and protein are sustainable enough to keep you going beyond the initial would’ve been crash.

6-Power Nap

Power naps are my best friend. Close your eyes and sleep for 15-30 minutes max, you’ll wake up more refreshed and energetic than before. I swear they work, just 15-30 mins of shut-eye and waking up is a bit hard but once you get out of bed you’ll be hit over with a wave of energy, trust me.

7- Off Your Ass, Please

Basic science says, you can only concentrate for 25 mins, your brain cannot handle more than that. That being said, since your brain can take no more than 25 mins of continuous concentration, every 25 mins, get off your ass, and move around for 5 minutes, just 5 minutes. Whether you do a quick yoga flow, some stretches, even a dance if that’s your thing, just do something.

8- Technology All the Way

Not sure if any of you guys are old school and can’t study without pen and paper, but this is a lot worse than staring at your laptop and phone. Your devices emit something called blue light that delays the sleep hormone. Just make sure to take breaks so your eyes don’t hurt.

Genuinely hope y’all can survive finals and I hope this helped.

Wishing you joy, success, and growth,


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