6 Nutritious Overnight (Overmorning?) Oat Recipes for Breakfast/Iftar/Suhoor

By: Amina El Farouk and Malak Taher

If you’ve never heard of overnight oats before, let us give you a quick little introduction. Overnight oats are a no-cook method of making oatmeal. Instead of cooking your oats with liquid on the stove or in the microwave, you mix rolled (aka old-fashioned) oats with the liquid and other mix-ins, and let it rest in the fridge overnight – or overmorning in this case too,

In the morning, you have a pudding-like porridge that is perfect for easy grab-and-go or dessert-ish suhoor/iftar. It doesn’t have the same texture as hot/stove-top oats. It’s creamier, denser, and in our opinion, so much tastier. We’d take a jar of overnight oats over hot oats any day!

1.Banana and Cinnamon

1.Fill a bowl with 1 cup of oats

2. Add a small ripe banana cut into small pieces and a roughly chopped handful of pecans.

3. Add 1 teaspoon of each of the following: cinnamon, flax seeds, and chia seeds. Cover with almond milk (don’t be afraid to put a lot of it as it will absorbed).

4.Leave in the fridge until suhoor/breakfast time. Some additional toppings would be honey and peanut butter for an extra energy boost and a satisfied belly.

2. Cacao

1.In a bowl, put 1 cup of oats

2. 1 tsp of chia or flax or hemp seeds

3. Add 5-7 medjool dates

4. Add 2 tbsp of coconut flakes

5. Then add 1 tbsp of cacao nibs

6. Soak in coconut or almond milk overnight. Next morning, top with fresh fruit and maple syrup.

3. Protein Berry

1.In a bowl, put 1 cup of oats

2. Add 1-2 tsp of chia or flax or hemp seeds

3. Add1 scoop of protein powder

4. Add 1 tsp of vanilla extract, and a drizzle of maple to your preference.

5. Soak in milk of choice. Next morning, top with berries of choice.

4. Peanut Butter Oats

1.Use a small bowl, add almond milk, chia seeds, peanut butter, and maple syrup (or other sweetener) and stir with a spoon to mix.

(The peanut butter doesn’t need to be completely mixed with the almond milk, doing so leaves swirls of peanut butter to enjoy the next day)

2. Add oats and stir a few more times.

3. Then cover securely with a lid or plastic wrap and set in the refrigerator overnight

The next day, open and enjoy your quick and delicious meal.

5. Apple and Cinnamon

1.Add oats, then your favorite milk and/or coconut or Greek yogurt in a resealable container or a bowl.

2. Add chia seeds, chopped apples and cinnamon. (Overnight oats are also super versatile so feel free to add any other spices you like)

3. Seal or cover with a lid and chill in the fridge overnight.

4. Top with more chopped apples and ground cinnamon, if you want , we guarantee  this recipe won’t disappoint you.

6. Carrot Cake Oats

1.Add one cup of oats then combine it with your favourite milk and / or coconut or Greek yogurt in a resealable container or a bowl.

2. Add maple syrup, cinnamon, carrots, coconut, pecans, and raisins to mason jar.

3.Shake jar or mix with a spoon. Seal and chill in fridge overnight. You can enjoy it cold or heat up in the microwave or stove-top.

A few bonus points about our recipes: they’re nutritious, loaded with fiber, protein, essential vitamins minerals & can help keep you full until lunch/iftar.
Not only are they good for you, we love that you can make a big batch ahead the night/morning before and enjoy in the morning/iftar.

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