What to Do With Your Not-So-Halal Relationship this Month

By: Rawan Khalil

Disclaimer: I am not a sheikha, and I am trying to help you compromise – 🙂

Living through ramadan for many of us means trying to cut down on sins and rolling back into worship whether by praying, reading quran or visiting the masjid more often. Basically, ben3awad el sana kolaha f ramadan w bema eno el sanady exam season kaman- we are literally crazy desperate for god’s love right now. While this can be a bit hard to achieve as some of us tend to put worship at bay, rarely ever visiting it for the entire year, lying to our parents more often than not with: “SALET YA BABA” , now we are suddenly feeling the urge to fix things. Cutting down on sins can pose an even more difficult challenge for many, and more specifically the couple of y’all dating. Well, I do not necessarily like to jump to conclusions, or make assumptions, but I do think it’s safe to assume that some of you are kind of perplexed not knowing what to do with your relationship- take a break? Stop talking to them? Pretend as if it’s any other time of the year?

I am not sure if these thoughts roam in your head; I mean being a single potato right here doesn’t really help my case. Don’t look at me like that I am unlovable – not my fault. But, if you are trying to like play your cards right to maximize the good points you get you probably thought about it but had no idea what to do, or maybe you have come to a conclusion or some sort of compromise I do not know. I am going to talk you through it anyways, like I am your relationship counsellor for a couple of minutes.

Also, if it makes you feel a bit better if you are drowned in guilt or whatnot. Everyone sins. No one is a saint. We just sin differently.

Well, there are certain things you could do to like make you a little more saint-y. Let’s establish this first hiya maba2etsh fag2a 7aram hiya 7aram tool el sana but it just seems like a double sin in ramadan because it’s a holy month, and devoting yourself to god and all of that. I understand.  So, don’t go and break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend for that reason- I mean unless you are done with them or you are in a toxic relationship then go dump them. If it’s toxic take my word for it and run! I mean if you still love them very much there is literally no point of breaking up with them because it’s ramadan only to go back to dating them afterwards. Aslo beted7ak 3ala meen- 3ala nafsak wala 3ala rabena maho shayfak tool el sana.

What you could do is of course refrain from anything sexual- mesh 3ayza sheikh di. But, stay away from anything remotely sexual especially during fasting hours. It’s not even an okay thing to do for married couples. Mn el a5er if you get wet you broke your fast and I think you have to do a kafara so totally pointless. So, try to take this as a chance to like spend your time together doing more talking and maybe even doing religious things together. Na5od 7asanat ya3nii w keda. Maybe, pray together, or read quran. Asl hiya ma7abaketsh fi Ramadan to get sexual 5ales.

Alternatively, to making out or having sex you can maybe cuddle or do some outdoor activities to like still spend time with them. Have iftar together or suhoor for a date. Or, you can watch ramadan mosalsalat together; a holy version of netflix and chill if you know what I mean. And, if you know your girlfriend is on her period, get her some comfort food. Trust me, she will love you for it.

Taking a break still remains as option if you want to go full out with your relationship- with god. Removing all double sins from the picture and focusing on spirituality then go for it but make sure you are clear about that you don’t your partner thinking you suddenly hate them and are going to cheat on them. And, like keep in touch, balash to2l dam.

Well, that’s a wrap. W ya rab ramadan w el emta7anat ye3ado 3ala 5eir.


your relationship counsellor (3esht el dor awii lmao)

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