7 Reasons You Need to Start Watching Zodiac Now

By: Zeina Amr and Fadila

If you do not know what Zodiac is you’re missing out on literally one of the best series that have been created by Egyptians. It is an ode to infamous novelist Dr. Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq, inspired by his novel “7azzak Al Youm”. It’s a sci-fi/thriller/mystery mix of absolute genius, it’s executed brilliantly, and it is genuinely enjoyable to watch.

1- The Cast

Honestly? The cast is what got us hooked in the first place; starring: Asmaa Abou ElYazeed, May El Ghety, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Head Abdel Halim, Khaled Anwar, Mayan El Sayed, Mohammed Mahran, with acting-villain Ingi About Zeid, and more. A group of actually talented and skilled individuals, people who completely take over their assigned characters and bring them to life. Nothing seems fake, which is one of the main reasons why it’s an absolutely enjoyable series so far.

2- Magic

We’re used to seeing the cliche “daggal” and “sa7ara”; usually pertaining to djin, sigils, or even demons – the usual blend of ugly, cheap, evil characters portrayed as practicing of black magic and how it has corrupted them. This is different in the best way possible. Zodiac offers tarot card readings, forms of meditation and energy, ancient Egyptian forms of magic, human sacrifices, and all of those things tie together with the power of zodiac signs. It’s an insanely interesting mix of astrology and egyptology – all wrapped up in a world of magic.

3- Uni Life

No one portrays the shella drama in uni life, except Zodiac, and they do it insanely powerfully. The struggles of working on extracurriculars, knowing your grades are on the line, the different types of people in a diverse shella, the fights, the comfort, the bonds – it is all so damn real you can literally relate it to everything going on around you.

4- The Excitement

You’re constantly bouncing on the tips of your toes, rocking right at the edge of your seat, wondering what could possibly happen next? Who will die next? What will become of all our favorite characters? It is saturated in suspense and excitement, we wait for baited breath for the new episode to come out all day, it grips you that hard.

5- Lessons

You actually learn something, it’s not entirely “tadyee3 wa2t”. Whether it is how to deal with people, or how to get out of certain situations, or even contemplating certain ideas of morality – you’ll come out having learned something. For example: we’re never sure we have forever, we’re not always doing good even when we think we are, and jealousy really can break a tight years long friendship apart. Every episode, you’ll come out with a lesson, that’s got to be one of our favorite things.

6- It’s on VIU

If you download VIU and watch it – there are no advertisements, it’s completely for free, so you get the full 35-40 minute episode consistently – we can’t even find that on youtube anymore!

7- Entirely Appropriate

Many people worry about encountering certain types of scenes, or specific language, etc during Ramadan, which makes them feel like they can have no form of entertainment. If this is something that matters to you, well then, there you go.

We’re barely in the series and we’re already in absolute love. It is real, it is honest, it is worth something and it is so insanely executed – it’s near as perfect as a series could be.

Seriously, download VIU and watch it, you won’t regret it.

(just grab a box of tissues and nos batteekha before you burrow in bed to catch up).

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