The Disaster of “3ayzeen Neftar Youm Barra”

By: Amina El Farouk

So it’s that time of year again, the time where you all want to go out but just can’t seem to make it work and when you finally do, everything goes haywire and everyone loses their heads. From the place you’re  going to eat at, to the outfit you’re going to wear and the amount of money you’ll spend, of course there’s also curfew and – last but not least – “tayeb ya gama3a feterna, han7aly fein baa?” Here are the struggles we all face when we’re planning fetar bara with el shella.

1.The Place

An absolute nightmare. You’ll  have to pick a place that suits everyone and is right in the middle of where you guys live. The problem is that one lives in Tagamoa while the other lives in Zamalek wel akhira el na7ya el tanya khales fi October.

So, the argument begins tany youm Ramadan because – as we well know – nos el nas fatreen bara awel youm Ramadan. You go on a witch hunt for a place that’s affordable but trendy so you can take snaps and boomerangs of the kherouga just to show everyone enoko say3een and you’re  having fun. And it has to be located in a safe neighbourhood 3ashan parent’s first hand rule “safety first”

2. The time

The struggle is real on this one. Everyone seems to be doing something every single day yet they still want to go out, tragic.

“yalla ya gama3a el khamees?”

“msh ha3raf ma3zooma 3and gedety”

“tab el gom3a?”

“sorry 3andy match then haneftar together”

This conversation I’m sure we all know too well. It’s probably the main reason why every “3ayzeen neftar barra” 3ezouma fails. From your friend that has a strict study schedule to the friend that has too many friends and is out every single day. You end up choosing a random date and pair it with the phrase “el fady yeegy wel msh fady, tet3awad inshallah”

3. The Outfit(s)

It’s  Ramadan and you want to look cute but at the same time stay modest for the holy month. So you tear apart your bedroom in search of the perfect  pair of jeans; ripped but not too ripped, tight enough to hug your curves but not too tight to accentuate your hips and thighs. When you’ve  finally found the pair of jeans you have to decide whether to wear a blouse, a T-shirt or go for a simple sweatshirt. You go on an adventure  through your sibling’s wardrobe only to come out empty handed, you head to your mom’s room to “borrow” some clothes even though deep down you know they’re  about to become yours. Oh, and you get the occasional, “ehna f Ramadan, msh lazem me2ata3”, which you simply brush off if you can and start the entire search all over again when you can’t.

4. The Makeup

This is not for everyone but for everyone who love the fine art of makeup this one’s for you. You want a simple natural look but at the same time you want to go all out so you can take cute pictures or for the possibility of running into someone you know. So you stare at the mirror for almost an hour before you decide to just go for it.

You start off with a little concealer and tell yourself only a bit of mascara and gloss w khalas, next thing you know, you have a full face of makeup and not enough time to remove it all. Your reaction? Running around your room like a headless chicken in search of the makeup wipes that will be accompanying you along the way.

You’re  on your way and you start to ask the infamous questions:

“gama3a keda too much wala okay?”

“la,  helw keda don’t worry”

“are you sure? Yaani lipstick msh 7aram sah?”

And the cycle never ends.

5. The Aftermath

Finally,  you went, you ate and you snapped some streaks to show everyone your whereabouts and you now are helplessly full but in need of some dessert or something to fulfill the cravings you have had all morning – 3ashan ehna tefseen fi Ramadan keda. So, you start yet another witch hunt for nearby places for dessert.

You’ve  picked a place now it’s time to find a ride. Then, you  pick the person who’ll call the uber, while you and your friends are hitting your mom’s/ dad’s lines to inform them where you’ll be headed next and when they’ll  come to pick you up or when you’ll be home. You’re usually reminded twenty thousand times that you cannot step foot in the house after curfew, but you ignore that and head off to dessert anyway.

Usually  at the end of the night  you’ll find your phone buzzing with messages like

“we had so much fun ya gama3a,  until next time,”

While you know that next time will most likely be next year or the year after.  You still had fun at the end of the day and it all turned out okay.

To be honest? Half the fun is in these taswee7at anyway. It’s kinda tradition by now, no?

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