How People With a Good Girl/Nice Guy Facade Deceive You

By: Jana Shorbagy

Typically there always has to be a good girl and a nice guy.

I’m not saying that the good girl/guy aren’t good, but I’ve been fooled enough to now know that most of them are actually deceiving you.

You need to look for the signs.

Do they flaunt their “goodness” too much?

When someone flaunts something too much, it’s definitely and 99% of the time not real; because if it was, they wouldn’t need to constantly feel like they have to prove to the world that this is who they are, or what they do.

That my friends is the sign.

How do they deceive you?

Well the girl usually is one of two:

A) the innocent one, she’s as clueless and naive as a child. She seems like she’d never do anything wrong. She never goes against the rules, she never treats anyone badly, she’s never rude, she’s always caring and sweet. This could be anyone, it could be the girl you’ve known forever, it could be your next door neighbor. But then one day she’s different. She turns into that “rude bitch” the one who’s always out, the “wild one”. And did you see it coming? No because a good facade is the easiest way to deceive those around you.

There’s always the in between to these two extremes (there will always be a different situation and a different person, but reading this, someone definitely popped in your mind, it’s not the type but it is a common type.

B) The nice one, the girl who will always, and I mean always be the sweetest, she’ll always be there for you with the comforting words, she’ll always support you, you’re so overwhelmed by her love and her kindness that you don’t notice how she goes behind your back and talks about you, she tells everyone all your secrets, she does everything that you’d never have expected her to do. That’s a snake if we’ve ever seen one.

The guy?

Well the guy is even worse, they can literally be the best people you know but then they do that one thing, and that one thing changes the way you view them as a whole, you then start to realize how absolutely manipulative they actually are. Just like *that* they go from good to bad in the blink of an eye.

Sometimes the “nice” guy, is the abuser, sometimes he’s the offender, sometimes he’s the betrayer, sometimes he’s the cheater, sometimes he’s everything you never thought he could be.

The abuser? Well most abuse stories start out with the girl falling for the sweet guy, putting all her trust in him and then when they’re alone and he’s tired of “waiting” or no longer okay with your “disobedience”, he let’s all hell loose on you. You think he’s so great until he’s suddenly outed as the villain, and since you trusted him so much you never thought he’d hurt you, but, he did, and it hurt more than the hurt he inflicted even, you were deceived by a person you cared for and maybe even loved – that’s a pain all on its own.

The boyfriend/best friend? He’s always calling you asking if you got home safely, he’s always checking in on you, you trust each other so much you know all of each other’s secrets, he knows all your passwords and you supposedly know his. But then he takes “personal” pictures off your phone, he sends those pictures to everyone, you try to justify what he did even though you know it’s horrible and you keep hurting until you realize he was never good at all, he was only good at deceiving you – and you fell for his manipulations, hook, line, and sinker.


The hardest part of all of this is we all have such a hard time believing that someone we thought so highly of, someone we once trusted with our lives, would do something that’s so seemingly out of character. You keep blaming yourself for not seeing it and you keep asking yourself why they would, you only ask that because you still think that it’s out of character but really it’s out of the character they led you to believe they are.

On a smaller scale you can always be deceived with a good facade if kept up by the person. It could be a comment they made that makes you start questioning their supposed “goodness”. It could be a tiny action, such as implying something about you that makes you realize they’re not “all that”.

The sooner you realize the better.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that everyone who is genuine and kind and sweet and caring is hiding under some sort of made up mask, I’m just saying, it makes no sense to blindly trust someone just because they give off that tooth-achingly sweet impression of “purity” and “goodness”. Always be careful, always.

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