10 Characteristics and Behaviors That Are Total Turn Offs When Found in a Girl

By: Salma Mourad

Yeah well, girls can be douchebags too. Guys do a lot of annoying stuff that piss us off, but has it ever crossed our minds to think about what girls do wrong? These things not only make a guy run away like hell, but even friends and acquaintances from both sexes tend to flee girls with these qualities.

1)Attention seeker

You know there’s no peace if this one’s around. She’s so loud and always has her nose in stuff that’s none of her business. It can be incredibly annoying to be with her, there’s no rest till all eyes and ears are on her.

2) Tenka

Eh el tanaka di yakhty.
What is the point in being tenka? Like, what can you possibly gain out of it? If it’s with a guy, maybe in the beginning he’ll enjoy chasing you, and the attention will make you love the chase, but it just gets to the point where you’re draining him and everyone around you both, it’s honestly better if he walks away. Don’t lead someone on just because you’re amused by how much effort they put in for you. It’s a shitty move and you’ll regret it – eventually.

3) Disloyalty

Girls who aren’t loyal are the worst type to be friends with and especially to date. They’ll sell you out the second you’re no longer needed. In a relationship, an unfaithful girl will break your heart and never think twice about it. Never – and I mean never – bond with an unfaithful girl, if only for your own damn safety.

4) Bad Hygiene

Hygiene has got to be one of the most important qualities in a person, cleanliness, health, and over-all “manzar” do matter. Do I really need to go into details? No matter how breathtaking a personality is, people who have bad hygiene do drive people away, and I honestly cannot fault them for it.

5) Gossip Mongrel

“But please don’t tell anyone”. A useless phrase she uses continuously to hide the fact that she’s been spilling everything you told her to her friends. She never keeps her mouth shut, which can cause big problems later on. If you’re dating, everything you only trust her with will be laid down in the latest gathering between a group of girls. Don’t depend on her, she’ll always let you down.

6) Plays Dumb

Every time she opens her mouth to say something, you get the urge to punch her in the face. Playing dumb gives a few girls the feeling of being “girly” and “cute”, but that’s almost always never the case. Playing stupid is not an attractive trait, on the contrary, it’s an attribute that annoys every living being. Some intelligent girls like to play dumb to make others laugh or to gain attention, as if being intelligent or holding a conversation that has some sort of value is the real turn off. From personal experience, they make you want to pull your hair out.

7) Moody af (and Mopey, too)

She has no excuse in the world, she just chooses to make your life miserable. Everything you say or do, she’ll take as an insult and start sulking. She’s always in a bad mood, give her 5 seconds she’ll be smiling, 1 minute later she’s cranky all over again. They say if a person loves you, they’ll tolerate whatever you do, but even Romeo wouldn’t be able to stand a negative and mopey Juliet all the time.

8) Awful Table Manners

Taking this girl out, worse – on a date is a challenge. The way she eats, especially with an open mouth makes your stomach churn. You just, can’t. Just, no.

9) Loudly Chews Gum

EWWW!! Stop! It’s so bloody irritating. It’s not only annoying, but it literally enrages people. This horrible characteristic can be found in both sexes, but especially girls love to exaggerate the necessity of loudly chewing gum. It’s not ASMR, keep it in your CLOSED mouth.

10) Terrible Listener

She won’t stop ranting about herself. When it’s your turn to talk, you’ll probably be interrupted five times before even attempting to start the story you’ve been meaning to tell. She’s a horrible listener and therefore, you’ll slowly start to hate talking to her. In any relationship – romantic or otherwise – communication is key. In a commitment with this girl, you’ll be communicating with yourself.

Sometimes we are oblivious to the truth that our actions do in fact bother others, even if we perceive them as our buisness only.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not the kind of list that was written to tell you to live to impress others and improve for them. We improve to be the best versions of ourselves, and only for ourselves. This is simply to make you aware of certain…things.

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