4 Medical TV Shows We’re Totally Binge-Watching This Month

By: Rawan Khalil

If you are a science nerd, or more precisely a biology nerd who loves reading about the human body; our different organs and some pretty fucked up diseases that we can get, especially diseases that are quite abnormal. You probably have watched at least one medical TV series in your life – if not more. If you have not, then trust me this is exactly what you are going to savour, and it is the best way to fill your time while procrastinating.

If, you are not the biology nerd but just all-in-all lover of series then maybe you should give one of these a go because there is something incredibly alluring about medical shows.

Also, Ramadan series this year are so not up to par and this is what we choose to watch instead 🙂


Now we are talking. This show is beyond the realms of amazing in every sense of the word. It has you hooked right from the very first minute. Doctor Shaun Murphy is an autistic surgeon with savant syndrome. An autistic surgeon – WHAT?! Well, that was the reaction of the entire board of directors in the hospital when the president introduced Shaun, but he has proven them all wrong.

Well of course Shaun’s autism and his abilities are one part of the show, but that is not it – the cases that get introduced in this show are extremely interesting and many of them have a message. There was an episode where this girl wanted to get her vagina reconstructed as her parents mutilated her, and another episode on pedophilia and so on. How the writers use their power to divert attention to such things is also applaudable.

Brilliant casting. Brilliant cases. Brilliant writing.

It really cannot get any better.

FYI: Freddie Highmore who plays Shaun is Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which blew my mind.


Arguably, this is one of the best medical shows out there and I can go on and on about it but you will not understand until you watch it. Okay, a friend suggested this show and I was a bit hesitant at first, but then I searched it and give in. House M.D. is built on Sherlock Holmes as a doctor. Did someone just say Sherlock? Cause, I am in. The great thing about this show is how refreshing it is, as we have our main character is an anti-hero something that is not really common – if not nonexistent – in medical shows. He makes enough mistakes to keep us guessing. He is nowhere near perfect as he takes painkillers because: “they’re yummy”, and he does not like to deal with patients because they are not doctors and they lie.


This show is a bit special and very different from the others on this list. It is set in the 20th Century- somewhere around the 1900’s. So, for a start this show doesn’t have the medical advantages which are a product of today’s technology so clinically it’s very interesting to watch but in a sense also shocking and disturbing how they deal with patients and the settings are extraordinary as well.

It’s also historically and sociologically interesting because issues like racism are up on the table. This is a very dark series and it’s interesting to watch due to the cinematics, music, acting and the new take it has on medical dramas.


Well, I feel like I cannot write an article about medical shows without bringing up Grey’s Anatomy- the almighty unstoppable medical show with an undeniably attractive cast and shit tonne of drama. If I am being entirely honest this is not my favourite on the list, but this show has broken records and its fans are numerous.
Grey’s Anatomy has ruled above all Medical Shows since it started in 2005.

Well, that’s all I have for you. I hope you enjoy watching them.

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