7 Expressions We Only Say in Ramadan to Either Nef2a3 or to Reassure Ba3d

By: Salma Mourad

As much as it’s tiring, we can’t help but love this month. El lamma, el konafa, el madfa3, and most importantly, the things and jokes we say every year. Every single year. We don’t ever get bored, do we? It’s pretty obvious we don’t, and that’s why here’s a list of things that are only said this month.

1) Sayem wala zay kol sana?
Kefaya fa23 ba2a. Such a useless, repetetive sentence. So original. And not to forget, funny as well! No. It’s not. We’re sick of it, okay? Though it is kind of like a tradition, huh?

2) Matkhalinish aftar 3aleik/i
“Ba2olloko aho, mahadesh yekalemni.” Ramadan is all about peace. It’s the only month of the year where we abide by all the rules. Lying, swearing or using “bad” forms of speech are a no-go, and that’s why this sentence is used as a way of pleading our friends not to provoke us. Don’t be the reason I break my fast. 

3) Ya fater ramadan, ya khaser deenak, el otta el soda hatakol masareenak
Wow. Ramadan’s supposed to be a holy month, a month of peace and calm. Has anyone ever realized how dark this actually is? We joke around with our close friends when they’re not fasting for any reason, but it’s probably never occured to us, how much of a non-ramadan-i thing this is to say.

4) Akol khalas akher kalam?
We hear the madfa3 and the mo2azzen as loud as they could possibly get, but we still have to check if it’s okay to eat or not. We don’t want all these fasting hours to go to waste, do we? It’s basically a reflex.

5) El maghreb hayeddan
Regularly, this sentence is used to alert us that we need to pray, but this month, it just has a different taste. This is the cue we’ve been waiting for since the day started.

6) Kan fi nas bet7areb f ramadan we heya sayma 3alafekra. Matenshafi ba2a!
Good for them. Now please leave me alone. Comparing me to people who fought while fasting doesn’t help. It won’t make me any less hungry or cranky than I already am.

7) Hanet wallahi, hanet
“El sa3a kam?”
“Hanet hanet fadel talat sa3at w nos”
As much as we overuse this sentence, it actually does have a reassuring sense to it. It’s like a combination of “calm down” and “soon”, but surprisingly there’s no hint of annoyance. Or maybe there is, but depends on how it’s used.

That’s basically it!
Ignore the annoying comments. 
Good luck. You’ll do it. 

Hanet wallahi, hanet.
Salma Mourad

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