8 Types of Breakups You’ll Definitely See and/or Experience in High School

By: Amina El Farouk

The high school dating scene is rough, whether you are in a steady relationship, continually being ghosted, or can’t even get a text back, navigating high school romances is not an easy task. Hand-in-hand with entering the high school dating scene is dealing with the unfortunate reality of breakups, to keep you armed and ready in the high school relationship war zone, scroll below for some info on the types of breakups you might experience in high school.

1.When You Weren’t Together but You Sort of Were…

As far as breakups go, this one is probably the most confusing. This type of breakup often occurs with someone you’ve been talking to for a long while; you text almost every day and you spend time together on a fairly regular basis, but your relationship never reaches the official boyfriend-girlfriend stage. Suddenly, they start to pull away, sending a gut-wrenching “we need to talk” message or even ghosting you all together. Your unofficial status doesn’t make the feelings surrounding this breakup any less painful, and even makes the grieving process harder because you’re not quite sure how to feel about losing someone you never really had. Just as your relationship status was undefined, the process and emotions of this breakup are often unclear.

2. The “On Again, Off Again” Breakup

This is the “khalas begad I’m  done with him” and the next thing you know this couple is together and holding hands and promising to get married – but I mean, one way or another we have all experienced this. Although you know this type of breakup is annoying and tiresome, there are still circumstances where you find yourself in an on-again, off-again relationship. You go through the messy breakup process, spend hours telling your best friend about all the things your significant other did wrong, and delete them on all social media, only to wake up the next morning to a “I want to get back together” text. For whatever reason, you agree to try things again, only to go through the same misery a week or two later. This type of breakup is unhealthy, and usually signifies that the relationship is already over and you’re both just not ready to let it go. The best thing you can do is make your next breakup the last breakup, and move on to bigger and better things.

3. The Horrendous Timing Breakup

Bad timing is one of the hardest reasons to end a relationship. In most cases where the timing isn’t right, you still care for this person, and you’re only breaking up because you don’t want the relationship to suffer. It’s counterintuitive, sure, but sometimes it’s “for the best.” A dramatic, angry breakup is often easier than this kind of amicable split, because resentment is easier to process than loneliness, you will start looking for rebounds as soon as possible but no one will fill the empty void. You’re now stuck reminiscing over what could have been and all the things you could have done, but truth is; everything happens for a reason. And as the saying goes

بتعرف ليه الناس الصح بتيجي في الوقت الغلط لأنك ضيعت الوقت الصح مع الناس الغلط

4. Ghosted Into a Breakup

The annoying blue ticks that indicate that you have been purposely left on “read”. Whatever you’re  doing, please just stop, once the relationship ends your S.O will purposely ghost you. This inflates their ego while giving them a sense of pride. It’s sad, but some people no longer feel the need to respectfully end a relationship with a conversation. Dealing with a ghost is rough, because you have no way of knowing for sure why this person disappeared. You can pose a million different questions, but you’ll likely never get an answer from the one person who could provide it. So just move on with your life. Whatever it was, it clearly wasn’t worth it.

5. “I’ve Cheated/Been Cheated On” Breakup

You’ll see and hear this a lot. Way too much if you ask me.  “Howa ezay yo7donha eh el habal da, we’re over he just cheated”, most commonly you’ll  hear these remarks wherever you go they’re literally everywhere around schools. This is the guy who has dated 13+ girls  and just wants to have fun while the girl whole-heartedly thinks she’s in love. Tragic, huh? The dude’s probably hugging another girl on instagram while said girlfriend is crying to her friends about how she planned their wedding and prepared baby names. So, if you’re in this position right now. Run. This is just dumb, sorry to break it to you but you weren’t gonna get married sis.

Sidenote: Since when is hugging considered cheating? That’s a thing?

6. The “We Can’t Do Long Distance” Breakup

This relationship goes on during the summer and ends when school starts. One of them lives abroad  so they have to “compromise”, they usually promise to either talk everyday or to trust each other till next year. Bullshit. These two might have some bond or connection or something but they’re faced with a certain circumstance that might affect their everlasting love for one another. Ok but for real now, a circumstantial split is justifiable, but the most difficult one to get over. When a situation arises due to which the two people involved in a relationship cannot remain together, parting ways becomes the only solution. Love remains, but the situation precedes all, making it difficult for people to be together. Relocation, new school, cultural, or social differences are some of the reasons that can lead to such type of split.

7. The Text Breakup

“Ana 3ayez/3ayza afarkesh” – the most common breakup method of all. This is one of the lamest ways of breaking up with someone. But yes, sending a text to declare you want to break up, does count as one of the types – no matter how unfortunate it is. The other version of it, is when the person who wants to end things does not have the guts to do so and send a “minion” to do the job for them. Also, as social networking platforms continue to validate our existence, declaring a split over a chat is also an insipid version of this type of separation. So cut your S.O some slack and break up with them in person. Thanks.

8. The Bruised Egos Breakup

Ego has a mind of its own, and when it decides to play its devious tricks on your mind, you sure are going to be in trouble. Heated arguments over clothes, friends, and other such stupid life decisions can hurt the ego. For instance, a discussion over what  to wear to that party, a classic case wherein the couple keep nursing their bruised egos instead of resolving the matter amicably. The worst part about this kind of separation is that, it only leaves you with a retrospective wisdom of how you could have said, acted, and reacted differently. Sadly, since egos are bigger than love, no one makes the effort of mending the broken bridges.

No matter what the reason, it is always painful to go through a breakup. The pain refrains many from getting into a relationship, falling in love, and living in its glory while it lasts. Yet, pain – as we know it – is an integral part of life. It is a feeling that makes us grow strong in thought and sentiment with its every experience. So, go ahead, find love, fall at its feet, make memories and let grief (if it ever were to strike you) make you a new person, once again ready to seek love!

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