Keeping Up With Ramadan 2019’s Dessert Eftekasat

By: Three Full Bellies

Ramadan Kareem! Our favorite time of year is finally here! We’ll see the family we rarely hang out with, enjoy a whole month of everyone trying to be a better version of themselves and we’ll definitely indulge in our favorite desserts. Ramadan is when all dessert shops bring their A game and the craziest eftekasat. Here are some of the desserts we’re most excited to try!

Disclaimer: proceed with caution as there are some drool worthy pics about to hit you 😉

1.Sale Sucré
We were dying to know their specials and reached out to them on instagram so here’s the tea.. sale sucré will be blessing our bellies with dulce de leche rice pudding, strawberry nutella kunafa and more!!


The most innovative and unique in our opinion.. Voila will definitely blow your guests’/ friends’ minds away! We’ll certainly be trying their black forest basbousa and strawberry cheesecake kunafa!


In case you need your cookie fix and still wanna join the ramadan spirit! Our favorite weirdoughs came up with 3 new flavors: BAKLOOKIE, DOUGHNAFA and DATE A LOTUS! We’re placing our order already!

4.Euphoric Treats

We’ve tried their dessert cups before and fell in love with every single one so we’re setting our expectations high for their kunafa cups that come in 6 different flavors.

5. Sultana

The lotus hype is still at an all time high and you can fulfill your lotus cravings with Sultana’s baklava lotus ice cream cake!

6. Glow

If you want to stay healthy while satisfying your sweet tooth Glow’s got you covered! Thank you Glow for always keeping our health in check 😉 So they obviously have a healthier version of your traditional Ramadan drinks plus a signature strawberry karkadeh but they didn’t stop at that! Indulge in some healthy kunafa jars available in 3 flavors (strawberry-coconut, dates, and mango) we’re also looking forward to trying the Amar el Din and Walnut-Date mousses.

Side note: they also offer a wooden carrier for 4 drinks and we think it’s the perfect gift for a 3ozooma!


Nola’s inventions are getting crazier each year and we’re loving it! This year they’re collaborating with Cadbury giving us some yummy treats. We won’t miss their cadbyry marshmallow kunafa and you shouldn’t too!

Have an AMAZING month!!❤️

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