What to Have for Sohour Today to Make Fasting Easier

By: Fadila

So, Imma keep this super short cause we have finals over our heads too, the stress of the first sohour, and the regular taswee7at that come with being a teenager. So, long story short, here’s what you NEED to eat, and here’s what you better not even think of eating, we need to survive this, msh finals w hunger 3aleina.


the tiniest and most effective powerhouses ever; dates promise you endless energy throughout the day and a ton of nutrients, there’s also the fact that they won’t make you thirsty.

2. Foul

not a shocker, at all, it will keep you sated and as happy as could be throughout the day. just be smart about this, no spices, just a bit of olive oil and lemon, or else it really won’t serve its purpose and you’ll spend the whole day with a parched throat. Also, I know you may love torshy with your foul, but no, please no.

3. Cucumbers + Watermelon

If you’ve got either – or better, both – you’re in luck. Both pack a ton of water while also being good for your skin and low in calories.

4. Herbal Tea, Coconut Water, or Milk

Don’t you dare think of going near anything that has caffeine, if you need to stay up to study go have a cold shower, it’s hot enough to have a cold shower, but no coffee. Instead, go for chilled coconut water, soothing herbal tea with a dollop of honey, or satiating milk. All are packed with healthy vitamins and all will make sure you don’t end up ridiculously thirsty throughout the day.

5. Yogurt

Yes, your mama is right to try forcing this down your throat, it actually works. Packed with probiotics, yogurt is the love of your life this ramadan, freeze it into popsicles, add fruit and nuts and make a yogurt bark, have it in a parfait with some chia seeds and oats – I don’t care how you consume it, you just need to.


Wholewheat everything, from bread to pasta and even rice. Bake with wholewheat flour, even. Refined carbs suck, they don’t provide your body with anything it needs throughout the day, they’re very easily digested, so you end up both tired AND hungry – kefaya en el donia gayya 3aleina khel2a.

7. Protein

Whether it is eggs, tuna, salmon, chicken, or even meat – eat your damn protein kids. Cook it with olive oil, no refined shit added, bulk up on veggies and fruit with it, and you’re good to go.

Here are some ideas:

  • oatmeal with milk and honey
  • date-based fruit smoothie
  • dates and oatmeal!
  • foul and cucumbers
  • foul and boiled eggs
  • Yogurt parfait and watermelon slices
  • chicken salad
  • tuna and wholewheat toast
  • oatmeal + milk based smoothie
  • date and nut bar

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