9 of Our Favorite + Insanely Popular Books That Came/Are Coming to the Big Screen

By:Rawan and Amina

For all avid readers out there, seeing our favorite books turned into movies and series is crazy for multiple reasons. It starts off with the excitement. The thrill of knowing that the book you’ve read, enjoyed and talked about for ages with your ignorant friends (who didn’t give a shit about the book you have read because you never shut up about books anyway) is getting the recognition it deserves and going on the big screens. Moving on, from that stage of initial excitement and thrill, there is also a tingle of fear. A fear of disappointment, a fear that the original story will be twisted and turned – more or less ruined.

Then comes watching the movie or the series. The moment of truth in other words. Going with your friends to cinema. They are excited – they have not read the book though. You’re elated, scared, emotional and literally on the verge of tears from happiness and all the other emotions. It’s literally the craziest thing ever in the best way possible.

Anyways, enough blabbing here are our absolute favourite books turned to movies, and a shit ton of fangirling by both of us cause to be honest there is nothing better than talking about our favourite adaptations! And, of course there is at the very end the comments of the book was better then the movie, and they missed so much, and why did they change this?

1. After

If you haven’t yet heard of the After franchise, then you clearly have not spent enough time on the stan side of the internet man. Honestly, I wouldn’t advise you to fall down that hole unless you’re fully ready to commit spending hours each day scrolling through  fanfiction. Luckily Anna Todd’s One Direction fanfic turned- real- book- series has already hit the big screen. So you can now get a taste of that life without fully immersing yourself in it (trust me. You’re not ready.) if you have completely no idea what I’m talking about, let me fill you in. Anna wrote a story on a social writing app (Wattpad) about a girl named Tessa who falls in love with “bad boy” Harry Styles. After about 80 chapters, the story was becoming wildly popular. Long story short; After became a five-book series that is now a major motion picture. So even if you haven’t been following the drama since like, 2011? 2012? You’ll definitely want to get wrapped up in it once you’ve seen the movies (highly consider reading the books tho.)

2. Five Feet Apart

So, if you read this book we can both make this confession together, it’s not that great and it seems like one of the very few cases were we say the movie is better than the book (yikes). So, we have seventeen year old Stella Grant who has cystic fibrosis; people who took IG biology are turning in their seats cause they know what that is. CF is a hereditary disease (purely genetic) where your body produces thick mucus it cannot get rid of which obstructs other functions of the body. Anyways, if you have CF like Stella you cannot be anywhere closer than 6 feet another person who has CF and then end up getting their bacteria and basically your lungs get fucked, especially because she wants a lung transplant. Now, here comes Will Newman. He also has CF but he is very carefree. The I do not give a fuck type of guy and I think we can all predict what happens next. It’s an insta-love kinda story where they suddenly feel that 6 feet apart is a punishment, and they may be fucked.

3. The Sun Is Also A Star

This book is insanely popular on goodreads as a young adult book and that is to say the least for good reason. Kudos to Nicole Yoon on this one. A story of two immigrants. Natasha – a girl who believes in physics and science; a very nerdy, brainy personality – the one that believes in facts not fate and all that jazz, with a family that is almost getting deported. Daniel, a guy who has always lived up to his parents’ expectations – the good boy. He sees Natasha and suddenly he believes in the power of fate and he is willing to do anything in his power to prove to her that their meeting was meant to be. Thus, the adventure starts. It will be interesting to watch the movie in theatres this May.

4. All the Bright Places

It wasn’t the plot or the subjects that moved me. It was the intense feelings this book gave me, the mood it put me in, the trip down my own memory lane…

There are books that make you think, there are books that make you feel, but it’s so very rare to experience both. To think and feel and hurt with every fibre of your heart.

It’s exactly what “All the Bright Places” did to me. I thought about it even when the book was closed, I hurt reading some scenes even though there seemed to be nothing that would qualify such a reaction. There were tears in my eyes when I read certain parts and I can’t even tell you why!!!  So if you’re looking for a book to put you all in your feels. This is definitely the one.

5. Safehaven

This masterpiece had me in tears both throughout  the book and the movie as well. Nicholas sparks is best known for his tragedy books. And once again this has made the top of the list. If it can be said that movies have personalities I give you three words to sum up the basic core identity of “Safe Haven”: heart-wrenching, bleep and crazy. Nicholas Spark’s flick hit the big screen and follows the character “Katie” who flees an abusive spouse to hide out in a small North Carolina town. We tease, but we fell for this old fashioned romantic thriller. It pushes every emotional button, every warmly lit shot to deliver by the fiery finale that ends with a satisfying cathartic cry. Look no further for sad movies, we got you covered.

6. Message in a Bottle

Shimmering with suspense and emotional intensity, Message in a Bottle takes readers on a hunt for the truth about a man and his memories, and about both the heartbreaking fragility and enormous strength of love. For those who cherished The Notebook and readers waiting to discover the magic of Nicholas Sparks’s storytelling, here is an achingly lovely novel of happenstance, that has turned into a huge film and won many readers’ heart and emotions. Totally recommended.

The novel’s unabashed emotion – and thrilling plot twists – will put tears in your eyes. When I finished reading this book, it only strengthened my belief in destiny, and the movie was a success too, absolutely incredible.

7. Artemis Fowl    

Okay so mythological creatures and computer bullshit slapped into each other and you get Artemis Fowl – a reader’s heaven and probably watcher’s heaven too. Artemis is a young boy who is crazy, as in devious, devilish, and a criminal mastermind. The book is filled with magic which is crazy interesting and all the mythical creatures from goblins to fairies are literally bound to get you so hooked that every time you go to the bathroom you miss the lines you were and you can barely stand not running your eyes over the lines, and I feel like when the movies come out people will literally love this for how crazy it is.

It is like a much better, cooler and more devious Harry Potter. (please don’t kill me)

8. Crazy Rich Asians

This one was a big hit. The craze over CRA is enough to make anyone smile, and the mix of the love story in there was beyond adorable, but was also weirdly exciting. But, the craziest thing about Crazy Rich Asians is how it introduces you into the life of the elite Asians that is not really talked about. The glamour, clothes, culture. It is quite a ride – in a fantasy world which most of us don’t really experience. A very fun trashy chick-lit, with a very refreshing movie which is weird since it is just a rom-com.

9. Love, Simon (Simon Vs. Homosapiens Agenda)

Hollywood has always loved adapting popular novels to the big screen. In the last two decades, it has seemed that adaptations of young adult novels have been on the rise. Simon is, of course, the character on which the whole movie hinges, and Robinson is able to deliver a multifaceted performance as the eponymous lead. He is charming when necessary, achingly vulnerable at times, but most effectively, truly hard-to-watch awkward in a way that only teenagers can be. To be certain, Simon’s sexuality is a major factor of his character, and the character’s arc throughout the movie deals with Simon reconciling his “big-ass secret” with all the “normal” aspects of his life.

Still, his sexuality is neither the most important nor the most showcased part of Simon, which is to say the movie does a fantastic job of giving the character depth that allows any moviegoer to identify with Simon no matter their own sexuality. Simon’s portrayal of a closeted gay teenager will undoubtedly be important to teenagers like him who have not seen a character like them on the big screen, but Simon’s awkward high school love story is universal and can – and should – be enjoyed by anyone.

It seems as though every other day there’s an announcement of a new forthcoming film adaptation of a beloved (or just new) novel—after all, it’s a huge deal to have your novel adapted for the big screen, but some authors probably don’t even notice it anymore. There are plenty of writers whose works have been made into many but these were our personal favourites.

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