How to Embrace Your Naturally Straight Hair

By: Renad

This article is inspired by a friend of mine and her constant texts on the group chat about results she got from braiding her hair so that it’s curly. I know, a weird inspiration. 

Nowadays, girls are embracing their curls and going through transitions to make their curls look as luscious and bouncy as possible. Most Egyptians have curly hair which is why the transitions and curly heads are increasing drastically. This friend of mine has straight hair, while the rest of the group (including myself) are curly heads so you can imagine how our group texts look like. Product recommendations, tips and an overall curly hair extravaganza, which automatically made our straight haired friend feel left out, therefore making her want curly hair. This situation is what triggered this out-of-the-blue article. 

I started asking myself a lot of questions like ‘What lead to the curly hair transitions?’ and I realized that the situation I just explained to you above is the reason we’re all embracing our curls, well, our natural hair. It’s not about curls & coils, it’s about embracing and loving what you have whether it’s straight or curly. So, here’s how to embrace your naturally straight hair: 

ONE: Make peace with your hair 

You won’t be getting anywhere unless you actually make peace with what you have. Accept the fact that you have straight hair, think of all the pros and find solutions for the cons. Know that this is you, embrace the real you stop thinking about what others have, be happy with what you own and just rock it. 

TWO: Know you’ll have healthier hair 

Using a curling iron on your hair to achieve the curly hair look which will probably end up being wavy by the end of the day will do nothing but cause heat damage which is when you can start welcoming frizzy strands. Stop with the heat and take care of your hair, find the right products and find the cut that looks best on you and is best for your hair. As soon as your natural hair becomes healthy you’ll be able to embrace it more than ever as you don’t have to worry about trying to change your natural hair texture nor will you have to deal with unhealthy hair. 

THREE: You were born with it, so it’s a part of you 

Every single thing about you basically makes you YOU. The details scattered all of your body and personality can define who you are, its what people identify you by and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Just own what you have and make the best out of it. 

FOUR: Know how to deal with it

The second you find ways to mix things up and make the best out of your natural texture you’ll find yourself having fun with your hair instead of giving up on it and going for the same look everyday. Experiment with braids, buns & updos so you can embrace your natural hair everyday while still keeping it looking healthy and shiny. 

In conclusion, I want you to know that no matter what type of hair you have you’re still the beautiful human being you were born to be, so don’t waste your time trying to change something natural about you because if you just learn to embrace it you’ll feel 100% more satisfied. This is what curly heads were aiming for, they weren’t aiming to change their hair, but to love and make the best out of it. 

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