9 Apps You Need to Download to Survive this Ramadan

By: Fadila

Ramadan requires so much energy, between crazy 3ozomat, disastrous shella fetars, studying for finals, fasting, then binging on Nutella konafa, and somehow fitting in tamreen and tarawee7, it is a nightmare. Yes, we love Ramadan, but you cannot deny that this year especially (have you noticed today’s heat?) it’ll be a nightmare. But, as I am so fond of saying these days, we got this. So, here are all the apps you need to organize your shit and survive this super hectic month.

1.Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen is an app that holds an array of vegetarian recipes, from easy quick fixes to heavy enough recipes you could fill the entire Iftar table. Ramadan is a month where anyone who is vegetarian or vegan struggles, if you do, this is literally the perfect app for you. If you are a person who eats healthy or wants to eat healthy this Ramadan, Green Kitchen has everything you need and more.

2. Ramadan Legacy

This is a fully digital Ramadan planner you’ve got access to with a single touch. From prayer times and qibla directions, to spiritual/inspirational and educational content, Ramadan legacy is exactly what you need to keep track of your religious practices this holy month.

3. Flo

My fellow females, owning my period this Ramadan will require ta2heel nafsy, so, if you’re owning it with me, download Flo to keep track of your ovulation! It’s incredibly accurate and it gives you time to prepare yourself for the onslaught of cultural bullshit that comes with being a menstruating female in Ramadan.

4. Muslim Pro

Fasting times, prayer times, audio recitations of the Quran, and even translations – this app has them all. If you don’t want to run around like a headless chicken, if you want easy access to this information, this is it for you.

5. Otlob

Does this need an explanation? What are late night shella mosalsalat nights (mozakra nights this year) without ordering a ridiculous amount of food from Otlob? Who has energy for delivery calls in Ramadan anyway? Download Otlob now and spare yourself the mess.

6. Golden Quraan

All time favorite Quran app, as an extremely curious person, I often like to highlight things as I go, while reading Quran, this app allows me to highlight things so that I can ask about them later on. It also offers Ahadith, gentle spiritual reminders, stories, and tafseer among prayer times and qibla. It’s brilliant and efficient and you need it.

7. Waterlogged

You’ve been fasting all day, once Maghrib bey-athen, we all shove food down our throats, then dessert, then maybe juice or coffee, but never water. This month, focus on staying hydrated and giving your body the required amount of water it needs to function properly. Waterlogged makes sure you do.

8. Shahid

Mosalsalat galore! If you hate waiting for your mosalsal on TV, or you don’t like YouTube, Shahid is the app to go to. You get access to each and every series past and present, as well as various movies from all over the region. Let’s get this party started?

9. Calm

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a hothead and a tightly coiled ball of anxiety, thus, Ramadan is always a difficult time for me. I’ve been using Calm for years now, it helps me sleep when I can’t, I start a breathing exercise when I get too anxious around toxic people or within stressful situations, and I listen to soothing sounds and music when I’m so angry I cannot think or formulate words or express myself. I know how stressful this month is, if you’ve got anxiety or anger issues, download this app right now, try it before Ramadan starts, I promise it will help you.

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