We’re All a Villain to Someone

By: Zeina El Mofty

Personally, as Zeina Elmofty, I can’t stand the fact that there are people who walk on this earth who absolutely despise me. But let’s keep it real. These people exist, and it’s okay.
Confession: I’m not sure what I’m writing exactly because the title is already very self-explanatory and is kalam mawzoon. So umm, I’ll most probably just try to go a lil’ more in depth, maybe try to relate it to me a lil’ too, I don’t really know but it’s ok.

Back to Zeina.

If you know me, you know I hate no one. No exaggeration, not trying to brag, but I’m just really really really against hate so yeah. I can give you a million reasons why I am but that’s not what I’m trying to write today. Point is, even though I hate no living, breathing human, I still have a story, and there’s no such thing as a story without a villain (except if it’s a really really boring one ya know? )

By villain I don’t mean a bad person or someone I hate, a villain is basically just someone who hurt/hurts/will hurt me either intentionally or accidentally. Someone who made/makes/will make my story bumpy. A villain could be a parent, a teacher, a toxic friend , an ex-Partner or even all of the above. A villain can leave a scar on you, either physically or mentally. The thing about scares though is that they eventually stop being painful, you eventually feel ok with having them, but they’re still there. Again, still okay.

Hold up.

Before you wish all villains to got to hell, inhale, exhale, and take that back bro. Because you are one of them too. Still, okay lemme explain. When you do someone a favor, it is counted as a disfavor to another person. You can be doing an action purely out of the will of making a certain person happy, or even to make yourself happy, but what you don’t know that this exact same action is hurting someone on the other side of the mirror, making you their villain. That’s only half bad though because it would make you the other person‘s hero. Good enough? I have no idea honestly.

Moral of the story is that there’s no need to feel bad that you hurt someone. It’s okay, even if you do it intentionally. Of course it’s not a pretty sight but it happens and as long as you’re not being a bully, it’s a one time thing or so, chill. A villain is still one of story’s main characters am I wrong? Plus, being presented as villain doesn’t make you a bad person, it’s only a matter of perspectives, haven’t ya‘ll watched Angelina Jolie‘s Maleficent? 

You could either be okay with having your own villains, being other people’s villain or don’t. If you magically find a way to be on good terms with everyone and have a bump-less story good for you man, and like, hit me up please?

Either way, I’m sorry to say it for the hundredth time but it’s okay. 

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