pretend you were never there

By: Hanna Haitham

i’m opening up
it’s the dawn of a new day
will we turn to dust
or will we fade away?

if i dare forget
all that we shared
do i have to pretend
that you were never there?

all the missing holes
that you used to fill
you had the control
but it was never against my will

if i turned the page
if i just didn’t care
will you fade away
will it be like you were never there?

if i forget
i have to deal with the space
that began when you left
and started filling up the place
the emptiness overwhelms me
the numbness makes me feel scared
i only feel alive in our memories
when i can pretend you were never there

i’m running off
it’s the light of a new day
we might turn to dust
but we’ll never fade away

what we had still fills me
all the time that we shared
and i still search helplessly
for a time when you were never there

but if i forget
then i’ll have to own up
to all the pain i’ve had since you left
and my strength isn’t enough

the numbness takes over me
i find solace in all that we shared
but for now i have to search blindly
for a time when you were never there

One thought on “pretend you were never there

  1. I’ll strongly relate to this….memories are all we truly ever have, the fear of letting go leads us to always questioning whether it’s better to hold on in hopes of contentment or to let go in hopes of finding better memories….


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